Animal Health

Herd of Holstein - Friesian cows

We aim to protect the welfare of livestock on farms, at markets and during transportation. By using the links below you can access guidance in the form of a series of frequently asked questions and answers.

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Animal movement licensing

Information on how to get a livestock movement licence.

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Business advice for livestock and poultry

Information on keeping livestock, deer or poultry and what you need to do as a livestock keeper.

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Dead animals and animal by-products

How to dispose of fallen stock.

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Disease outbreak

Information on current notifiable disease restrictions affecting livestock in the East Riding.

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Farm records

What records need to be kept as a livestock keeper.

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Guernsey cow

Livestock markets

Where the livestock markets are in the East Riding.

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Livestock transport

How to take your stock to the livestock market.

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Livestock welfare

How to complain about animal welfare or the conditions on a farm.

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Dog in kennels

Pet travel and illegal importation

What you need to do take your pet abroad and how to obtain a pet passport.

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