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Farm records

As a livestock keeper what records do I have to keep?

If you own a herd, flock or even a single animal of the most common livestock, such as cattle, sheep, goats, deer, horses or pigs, there are rules you must follow to stop the spread of diseases.

These rules cover the identification, tracing, movement of livestock and keeping of relevant records.

Record keeping

The website can provide advice and guidance on record keeping.

 Keeping farmed animals (external website)

Example record keeping formats are available to use below.

Cattle movement book (pdf 31kb opens in new window)

Pig record book (pdf 59kb opens in new window)

The website provides  the format to be used for sheep and goat records.

Sheep and goat holding register (external website)

Veterinary medicines

Additionally, as a livestock keeper you have a requirement to maintain records under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.

The website can provide advice and guidance on these regulations.

Veterinary Medicines (external website)

An example record format for veterinary medicine use is available to use below.

Veterinary medicine record (pdf 36kb opens in new window)  

In the event of any query or for further advice

You can also contact the animal health duty officer by:


Telephone: (01482) 396107

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