Livestock transportation

What do I need to do to enable me to take my stock to the livestock market?

There are different forms you must complete depending on the animals you are moving, and where you are moving them to or from. The forms include:

  • an AML 1 is an animal movement report document which must be used to move your sheep and goats onto and off your holding
  • a printed page 1 haulier summary document from the eAML2 pig movement document which must accompany pigs onto and off your holding
  • Cattle movements differ as their movements are recorded through the passport system administered by British Cattle Movement Service.  
  • For more information on the British Cattle Movement Service you can visit their website

British Cattle Movement Service (external website)

Animal movement licence

You can find guidance on how licences can be obtained and completed by reading the animal movement licensing webpage.

The Business Link website can also offer additional guidance and advice.

Business Link (external website)

Transport of livestock

In addition, as a livestock keeper, you have a duty to comply with the legislation relating to the welfare of animals in transport. This includes:

  • protection of livestock during transport
  • all animals are fit for the intended journey
  • records required
  • distance times and duration
  • staff training requirements
  • transport authorisation
  • vehicle type approval.

For any further guidance or information

Gov.uk has useful guidance on how to ensure that you comply.

Business Link (external website)

or alternatively, you can download the following guidance document:

Welfare of animals during transport (external website pdf document)

You can also contact the animal health duty officer by:

Email: animal.health@eastriding.gov.uk

Telephone: (01482) 396107

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