Advice on starting and registering a food business

You can register a food business online

Register a food business

How do I register my food business and where do I obtain information about registration and other food-related issues?

It is a legal requirement to register your food business. You can register your food business by completing a food business registration form online or via post. This must be done 28 days prior to the business opening.

If you have a mobile food business you need to register with the local authority where the food business is located.

You can apply to register your food business online (opens in new window).

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Do I need to contact other council services if I operate a food business?

You may need to contact several other services to help answer this question.

Examples of other services you may need to contact include:

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Where can I find some advice about legal requirements for food business operators?

The Food Standards Agency website can provide further information:

Food Standards Agency (external website)

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Who will inspect my food business?

All information pertaining to food inspections is available from The food safety inspection processpage.

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Following the recent Salmonella outbreak which has been associated with eggs from Germany, is there any additional advice available relating to the safe handling of eggs?

The Food Standards Agency have produced some guidance for caterers relating to the safe handling of eggs.  This can be accessed here at:

Food Standards Agency Egg Advice (external advice)

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What is the food register and can I see a copy?

The food register is a public document that lists most of the food businesses in the East Riding:

Food register (pdf 749kb opens in new window)

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What is Safer food, better business?

Safer food better business is a tool kit designed to assist food business operators.  Find out more from the Safer food, Better businesspage.

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Do you have a list of food hygiene training providers?

Yes. The following document provides a current list of food hygiene training providers within the East Riding.

Current list of food hygiene training providers (pdf 37kb opens in new window)

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What documents does the food services team produce?

The food services team produces a range of advice notes. These advice notes provide more specific information on particular food safety and food standards issues and can be accessed below:

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The food services team also produces a number of annual reports on various elements of the team's activity. These can be viewed below:

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How should price indications be given/ displayed?

When selling to the general public, all pricing information must be clearly legible, unambiguous, easily identifiable and inclusive of VAT and any additional taxes.

Pricing information must be given close to the product or with distance contracts (for example, online or mail order sales) and advertisements, close to a picture or written description of the product. In relation to sales by telephone, price indications must be clearly audible and linked to the subject of the transaction.

Prices can be shown:

  • on goods themselves
  • on a ticket or notice near to the goods
  • grouped together with other prices on a list or catalogue or catalogues in close proximity to the goods. If counter catalogues are used, there should be sufficient copies for consumers to refer to.

Pricing information must be available. It must be clearly visible, to consumers without them having to ask for assistance in order to see it.

Please note:  The above is only a brief outline of the requirements and intended to provide basic guidance. It is not a complete or authoritative statement of the law. For further assistance with this or any other food standards matter please contact the food standards team.

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Is there a charge for verifying my weighing equipment?

Yes, read more about the costs involved.

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What is FoodFocus and how do I get a copy?

Food Focus is our free quarterly newsletter produced by the food services team. The newsletter provides advice on current food safety and standards issues, whilst also providing information about activities within the team.

The latest edition of Food Focus can be accessed below.

Food Focus 34 (pdf 678kb opens in new window)

You can also subscribe to food focus online (opens in new window).

Past editions of Food Focus can be accessed below.

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