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Health and safety at work

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We aim to protect the health and safety of employees and members of the public, who may be affected by work activities in the East Riding, where we are the appropriate enforcing authority. Use the links below to find out more.

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Accident investigation

How to report an accident at work.

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Advice to businesses

Where to get information on health and safety requirements, how to find out if you have asbestos and does the council operate health and safety award schemes.

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Business inspection

What to expect when a council health and safety inspector calls.

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Information on enforcement notices and prosecutions.

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Smoking prohibition

How to complain about smoking in public places. 

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Workplace complaints - health and safety

How to complain about health and safety in your work place and who enforces the health and safety legislation in your workplace.

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Event safety

Public event safety

How to ensure your event is being run with the safety of the public the top priority.

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