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Licences and registrations

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We issue a variety of licences, permits and registrations to individuals and businesses and keep public registers for a number of these for inspection.

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Available licences

Information on all available licences; alcohol, entertainment and food, animals, cars and taxis, children's licences, gambling, commercial trading and personal treatments.

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Public registers

This section details all the public registers maintained by the council such as; alcohol, entertainment and food, animals, cars and taxis, gambling and commercial trading and Sex Establishments.

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Licence application

Licensing Applications

Register of all current applications and information on how to object, relating to Premises licences, Gambling Act 2005 premises, Sex Establishment and Pavement Licences.

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Report concerns

If you have concerns about any business or individual operating without either a licence or registration or just about how they are conducting their activity.

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Licensing news flashes

An update of any new changes in licensing, Press releases

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Best Bar None Logo

Best Bar None

'Best Bar None' aims to reward licensees who provide good management, a safe and enjoyable environment for customers, discourage binge drinking and prevent alcohol-related crime.

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