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This section covers all the licence permissions, registrations and permits issued by the council required to conduct your business lawfully.

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Alcohol, entertainment and food

Information on premise licences, personal licences, clubs, temporary event notices, pleasure boats and boatmen.

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Animal welfare licences are required for pet shops, kennels and catteries, home boarding, riding establishments, performing animals, dangerous and wild animals and zoos.

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Parked cars

Cars and taxis

The licensing of private hire vehicles, private hire operators and taxis including limousines, rickshaws and novelty vehicles.

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Children's licences

Information about children taking part in in entertainment and sporting events and when a chaperone must be used.

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Information about gambling licences for arcades, betting shops, gaming, casino's, bingo, gaming machines, lotteries and race tracks.

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Commercial trading

The licensing of commercial business including motor salvage operators, scrap metal dealers, sex establishments, street traders, storage of petrol, manufacture and storage of explosives and the sale of non medicinal poisons.

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Personal treatments

The licensing and registration of practices and businesses including hypnotism, tattooing, acupuncture, cosmetic piercing, application of semi-permanent make-up and electrolysis.

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Other licences

Information and advice concerning the licensing of caravan sites, street collections, environmental permitting, houses in multiple occupation, safety of sports grounds and approved premises for ceremonies.

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