Approved premises for ceremonies - licences

What sort of premises can become licensed to host civil ceremonies?

Commercial venues such as hotels, stately homes, clubs and other similar premises may be licensed to host civil ceremonies. This would be subject to meeting certain criteria including those relating to Fire Safety, Planning and Building Control. The premises MUST be a permanent immovable structure comprising of at least one room, or any boat or other vessel, which is permanently moored. We cannot perform the legal parts of a marriage or civil partnership outside, in a tent, marquee or other temporary structure. However, we may be able carry out the legalities inside the premises and hold the celebratory ceremony outside. Premises must not have any religious connection and must have the relevant planning permissions to host civil ceremonies.

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What sort of ceremonies could be held on the premises if we had a licence?

The ceremonies would include marriage, civil partnership, naming, renewal of vows,

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How do I obtain a licence to host civil ceremonies?

An application may be made by the owner, proprietor, manager or a trustee of a suitable venue. The superintendent registrar or their deputy will pay an informal visit to you to assess the premises for suitability, talk about the services we offer and answer any questions that you may have.

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Would a very small hotel be considered as suitable?

Some of our ceremony venues are quite small but, offer a very professional, personal service for small parties of people. Providing that your building can meet the necessary conditions there should be no problem.

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What is the necessary criteria for becoming an approved premises?

The grant of approval (the licence) is granted subject to certain legal and local conditions being met, including health and safety, satisfactory fire risk assessments, relevant planning permissions if necessary and accessibility.

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How long does it take to issue a licence?

From receipt of a completed application form to approval can take up to 3 months.

You can apply for a licence for approved premises for civil marriages and civil partnerships online (opens in new window).


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What happens after I have submitted my application?

Once you have sent a completed application form, together with supporting documentation and the fee to the register office an advertisement will appear within a local newspaper seeking any public objections to the application. If no objections have been lodged within a set period of time a final inspection of the premises will take place. If all conditions have been met the approval will be granted and a licence will be issued.

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How long will the licence be valid for?

A licence will be valid for 3 years, providing that all licence conditions are complied with throughout that period.

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What if the licence conditions are not complied with?

The council reserves the right to withdraw a licence if conditions are not complied with at any time during the period, however, this would be a last resort and we will work with you to resolve any issues.

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What if there are changes to the venue?

The licence may be transferred between new owners or managers, but is NOT transferable between venues/premises. Any changes to the premises/rooms or additions of new rooms will require a new licence. Let us know immediately of any changes by:

Email: registration.service@eastriding.gov.uk

Telephone: (01482) 393600

East Riding Registration and Celebratory Services

The Register Office
Walkergate House
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BP

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What happens at the end of the three year licence period?

We will contact you about 12 months before the licence expires and start the process for a renewal. You must tell us at any time whether you want to renew or not. There are extra fees if this process is delayed.

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Is there a list of licensed venues in East Riding of Yorkshire?

List of premises approved by the council
Premise name
Address Telephone Expiry date of licence
Website link
Walkergate House  Walkergate
HU17 9BP
(01482) 393600 30 September 2017
Walkergate House - Ceremonies(external website) 

Bishop Burton College


York Road
Bishop Burton Beverley
HU17 8QG
(01964) 553000 12 June 2015 Bishop Burton College - Ceremonies (external website)
The Baynard Suite Council Offices, Market Green, Cottingham, HU16 5QG (01482) 393565/6 4 October 2017 The Baynard Suite - Ceremonies (external website) 
Beverley Arms Hotel North Bar Within, Beverley, HU17 8DD (01482) 869241 29 January 2015 Beverley Arms Hotel- Ceremonies (external website) (external website) 
Cave Castle Hotel & Country Club South Cave, HU15 2EU (01430) 422245 20 March 2016

Cave Castle Hotel & Country Club -Ceremonies(external website)

Dunedin Country House 40, Westgate, Patrington, East Riding of Yorkshire HU12 0NB (01964) 630634 21 April 2016 Dunedin Country House- Ceremonies (external website) 
Hallmark Hotel Ferriby High Road, North Ferriby, East Riding of Yorkshire HU14 3LG (01482)  645212 18 July 2016 Hallmark Hotel - Ceremonies (external website) 
Haven Arms Havenside, Off Sheriff Highway, Hedon, HU12 8HH (01482) 897695 16 January 2017 Haven Arms - Ceremonies (external website) 
Lazaat Restaurant Bar Hotel Wood Hill Way, Cottingham, HU16 5SX (01482) 847900 27 March 2016
Lazaat Restaurant Bar Hotel - Ceremonies (external website) 
Grange Park Lane, Willerby, HU10 6EA
(01482) 656488
18 July 2016
Mercure - Ceremonies (external website) 
Mill House Restaurant
Beverley Road, Skidby, East Riding of Yorkshire HU16 5TF (01482) 845610
9 June 2015

Mill House Restaurant - Ceremonies (external website) 

Rise Hall
Rise, East Riding of Yorkshire HU11 5BL (01964) 564096 14 June 2016 Rise Hall - Ceremonies (external website) 
Rudstone Walk South Cave, HU15 2AH (01430) 422230 26 August 2015 Rudstone Walk - Ceremonies (external website) 
Southern Holderness Resource Centre 29-31 Seaside Road, Withernsea HU19 2DL (01964) 615190 2nd October 2015 Southern Holderness Resource Centre -Ceremonies (external website) 
The Beverley Race Company Ltd The Racecourse, York Road, Beverley HU17 8QZ (01482) 867488 20 February 2016 The Beverley Race Company - Ceremonies (external website)
The Country Park Inn Cliff Road, Hessle Foreshore, Hessle, HU13 0HB (01482) 640526 26 September 2016 The Country Park Inn - Ceremonies  (external website) 
The Duke of Cumberland Market Green Cottingham, HU16 5QG (01482) 847199 18 June 2015 The Duke of Cumberland (external website)
The Gardeners Country Inn Hull Road, Coniston, HU11 5AE (01964) 562625 3 February 2017 The Gardners Country Inn - Ceremonies (external website) 
The Rowley Manor Hotel
Little Weighton, HU20 3XR (01482) 848248 23 July 2016 The Rowley Manor Hotel - Ceremonies(external website) 
The Town Hall, Hornsea 75a Newbegin, Hornsea HU18 1PA (01964) 532252 14 June 2015 The Town Hall Hornsea - Ceremonies (external website) 
Tickton Grange Hotel Tickton, Beverley, HU17 9SH
(01964) 543666 26 July 2016 Tickton Grange Hotel - Ceremonies (external website) 
The Triton Inn Ellerker Road Brantingham HU15 1QE

(01482) 667261

16 June 2017 The Triton Inn - Ceremonies (external website)
Willerby Manor Hotel Well Lane, Willerby, HU10 6ER (01482) 652616 12 March 2017 Willerby Manor Hotel - Ceremonies (external website) 
Driffield Showground Kelleythorpe, Driffield, YO25 9DN (01377) 257494 18 October 2015
Driffield Showground - Ceremonies (external website)
Sewerby Hall & Gardens Church Lane, Sewerby, Bridlington, Y015 1EA (01262) 677874 28 April 2018 Sewerby Hall & Gardens - Ceremonies (external website)

Sledmere House Sledmere, Driffield, Y025 0XG (01377) 236637 5 March 2018 Sledmere House - Ceremonies (external website)
The Bell in Driffield Market Place, Driffield, Y025 6AN (01377) 256661 12 February 2017 The Bell in Driffield - Ceremonies )external website)
The Blue Bell Hotel Main Street, Burton Agnes, Driffield,  YO25 4NG (01262) 490050 29 October 2015
The Blue Bell Hotel - Ceremonies (external website) 
The Expanse Hotel North Marine Drive, Bridlington, Y015 2LS (01262) 675347 18 May 2015 The Expanse Hotel (external website)
The Old Mill Hotel Mill Lane, Langtoft, Driffield (01377) 267284 2 May 2015 The Old Mill Hotel - Ceremonies (external website) 
Town Hall Bridlington Quay Road Town Hall, Bridlington, Y016 4LP (01482) 393570 1 July 2017
Town Hall Bridlington- Ceremonies (external website) 
Boothferry Golf Club Spaldington Lane, Howden, DN14 7NG (01430) 430364 6 July 2015 Boothferry Golf Club - Ceremonies (external website) 
Lowther Hotel Aire Street, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire DN14 5QW (01405) 767999 25 July 2016 Lowther Hotel - Ceremonies (external website) 
Saltmarshe Hall Saltmarshe, Howden East Riding of Yorkshire DN14 7RX (01430) 434920 9 September 2016

Saltmarshe Hall - Ceremonies (external website) 
The Bartholomew Suite Church Street, Goole, DN14 5BG (01482) 393580 26 April 2015 The Bartholomew Suite - Ceremonies (external website) 
The Courtyard Boothferry Road, Goole, DN14 6AE (01405) 837100 4 October 2014 The Courtyard -Ceremonies  (external website) 
The Oaks Golf Club and Spa

Aughton Common Aughton     YO42 4PW

(01757) 288577


26 August 2017 The Oaks Golf Club and Spa - Ceremonies  (external website)
Burnby Hall Burnby Hall, Pocklington, Y042 2QQ (01482) 393574 1 July 2017 Burnby Hall - Ceremonies (external website) 
The KP The Golf Club, Pocklington YO42 1UF (01759) 303090 14 July 2017 Kilnwick Percy Golf Club - Ceremonies (external website)


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What if the premises has an outside structure like a summer house or gazebo?

In certain circumstances it may be possible to include these on your licence, please check this when you apply. We may also be able to provide a civil celebratory ceremony outside such venues as long as the legalities are completed beforehand.

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How much does it cost to become licensed?

There is a fee of £1,650 for a 3 year licence, this is for an unlimited number of rooms within your venue. Premises that fail to renew their licence within 3 months of the 3 year expiry date will be charged £1,800. The extra fee is to cover the additional advertising and administrative costs of dealing with late renewals.
Fees are reviewed in September and April each year.

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Will I receive some guidance?

We are always at the end of a telephone to offer help and advice and have also produced a guidance booklet for approved premises.

Approved Premises Guidance Booklet (pdf 55kb opens in new window)

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Who do I contact to enquire about becoming licensed?

Please contact the superintendent registrar by:

Email: registration.service@eastriding.gov.uk

Telephone: (01482) 393600

The Register Office
Walkergate House
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BP.

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