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Licensing news flashes

What is new in licensing?

Think carefully before buying a puppy this christmas.

East Riding residents who are thinking of adding a puppy to their home this year are being urged to make sure they are buying from a reputable breeder or rescue centre.

East Riding of Yorkshire Councils Licensing Team are advising people not to buy dogs from backstreet breeders, who breed for profit and also to take care when buying online or through newspaper adverts.

A healthy dog can provide years of love and fun but a dog with health/and or behavioural issues can lead to it been abandoned.

The Licensing Team has now issued advice which suggest ways of avoiding problems and make sure people are buying from reputable breeders.

  • Good breeders will give the buyer chance to see the puppies in their litter with their mother.

  • checking the sellers licence to ensure the breeder or contact the relevant breed societies.

  • Ensuring the puppy comes with the right documentation such as Kennel Club Registration and pedigree papers, plus an vaccination card and advice on when to get further vaccinations.

  • being given written advice on feeding, worming and flea treatments, as well as diet.

  • visit the councils website where there is a list of licensed breeders.

Councillor Shaun Horton, Portfolio holder for community involvement and partnership, said: "It may seem like a good idea to get a cute puppy as a Christmas present but the reality can be much different, especially if the dog is not in good health or from a puppy farm and has behavioural problems"

"Good breeders do not sell puppies from the back of a car in a car park and it is always better to buy a puppy from the place that they were raised"

Paul Abbott, public protection group services manager, said "While a new puppy makes a lovely Christmas present, I would encourage people to think about visiting local rescue centre and giving a home to a dog that is looking for a new owner."

The list of licensed breeders is available on the council licensing public registers.

They are a number of rescue centres across the East Riding for people who are interested in re-homing a dog.

These include RSCPA (external website)

Hull Animal Welfare Trust (external website)

General information can be found on the Kennels Club website (external website) 

Anyone with information on unlicensed people who are breeding dogs as a business can contact the East Riding of Yorkshire Councils Licensing Team on (01482) 396296 or (01482) 396297 or email

Have your say on proposal to review no drinking zones

The Council is required to review all existing Dog Control Orders, Designated Public Place Orders and Gating Orders and following the review these will become Public Spaces Protection Orders. A new Order is also proposed in Goole. To have your say, please visit

Have your say on proposal to review no drinking zones

Extended Hours for licensed premises over the festive period

With the festive season fast approaching it may be worth considering applying for a Temporary Event Notice (TENs) to trade a few longer hours.

If you do decide to apply for TENs a reminder that for a full notice TEN, 10 working days’ notice is required - so for an extension for the Friday before Christmas (18 December 2015) the TEN needs to be submitted - if it has not already - and be received by the Council by 4 December 2015.

For New Year's Eve, the date is 15 December 2015 (or 22 December 2015 for a 'Late TEN').

To apply for a TEN, please visit the Temporary Event Notice page.

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