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Report licensing concerns

How do I report concerns about licensing Issues?

Different licences and registrations are dealt with by different sections within the council.

Health and safety section 

If your concern is about:

  • fireworks or explosives manufacture, storage or sale, or;
  • sale or storage of petrol, or;
  • sale of non medicinal poisons, or;
  • individuals or businesses operating as tattooists, ear piercers, cosmetic piercers or undertaking electrolysis, or;
  • safety of sports grounds.

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Licensing Team

If your concern is about:

  • animal welfare licences;
  • the sale/supply of alcohol, provision of entertainment or hot food and drink;
  • taxi or private hire services;
  • street traders;
  • street collections or house to house collections;
  • any gambling premises;
  • caravan site licensing;
  • scrap metal dealers;  
  • hypnotism.
  • sex establishments

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