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Regeneration and renaissance

What is regeneration and renaissance?

Regeneration and renaissance is about transformation and revitalisation. It involves developing or redeveloping areas of the East Riding’s built environment, from housing and transport networks to business and jobs, as well as shopping and cultural facilities.  The impact is felt throughout the community, as businesses, residents and visitors benefit from having a more attractive environment in which to work, live and visit.

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How is regeneration activity prioritised in the East Riding?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s economic development activities are guided by several strategies.

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How do organisations, residents and businesses get involved?

Local regeneration and renaissance partnerships bring together the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

The partnerships develop area plans and projects to improve the local economy in a way that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

Find out more about the regeneration plans and projects in your area by visiting your local partnership’s page, which is the first point of call for most enquiries.

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Is there any funding available to help revive high streets in the East Riding?

Yes. You might be able to apply for a grant through the High Street Fund. It aims to revitalise our high streets and improve town centres through regeneration activity. Find out more on how to apply for this grant on the high street fund page.

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