Enterprise grants

Through the European Regional Development fund the East Riding of Yorkshire Council currently have a limited number of business development grants available to support eligible businesses looking to invest in growing and developing. Find out more here.

Am I eligible for an enterprise grant?

The grant is primarily aimed at engineering, manufacturing, business to business services and online businesses.  Unfortunately if you are in the farming, retail or transport sectors or if you only serve a local customer base then you would not be eligible.

The grant is available to businesses operating in the Humber region plus parts of North Yorkshire.

Your business must be an SME (a small or medium-sized enterprise – have less than 250 employees worldwide including any connected businesses).

How much is available?

The grant is £1000 and dependant on where your business is situated it would cover 50% or 60% of the pre-VAT cost of the item. 

For example, for a 50% grant you would need to spend £2000+ or a 60% grant £1667+.

What can I spend it on?

The grant is available for expenditure which improves how your business does things or improves your competitiveness.  Things which can potentially be covered financially are:

  • tools and equipment
  • consultancy support
  • website development. 

It does not cover any day-to-day expenses within the business such as rent, wages, stock, consumables for example, or anything you have already bought.

How does it work?

If you think you may be eligible then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your application and if you are eligible and wish to proceed we will arrange to meet with you to complete the grant application.

Adrian Shaw or Darren Roberts
Tel: (01482) 880460

In order to apply for the grant you will need to complete a simple business plan which tells us about your business and what you need to buy that the grant can help support and how that will make a difference to your business.  We will also need 3 independent quotes for the items you are looking to buy.

Once we receive the business plan we will assess your application and if you are successful we will issue you with a grant offer at which time you are free to buy the item(s).

When you have completed the purchase you can submit a grant claim along with evidence of the purchase and we will reimburse you for the amount of the grant.

Please note: that this is only intended as a guide and does not constitute an offer of grant.  In order to check your business’ eligibility you need to speak to us.  We cannot provide a grant for any items which have been purchased before you receive a grant offer from us.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 May 2018