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Trading standards

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The trading standards service in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council exists to promote and protect the wellbeing of a modern, vibrant economy and to safeguard the health, safety and environment of its citizens. Providing businesses with the information they need to comply with their legal requirements is one of the best ways to ensure this aim. Use the links below to explore the subjects.

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Purple bottleneck

Age restricted products

Information on age limits for different products, specific age restricted products, selling on the internet and where else to get advice.

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Business complaints

Where to find business advice, how protect yourself against business scams and where else to get advice from.

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East Riding Motor Trade Partnership logo

East Riding Motor Trade Partnership

A partnership between Trading Standards and the Motor Trade which aims to raise standards, improve customer satisfaction and promote a fair, safe and honest trading environment.

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Faceplate of scales

Calibration/weights and measures

What you need to know about weighing equipment, average quantity and unit pricing. Also, weights and measures guidance, where to get your equipment calibrated and where to find a public weighbridge.  

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Variety of credit cards

Consumer credit

Do you need a credit licence, how to make an application, where to go for advice. How to make sure credit adverts are legal and what fees you can charge as a credit broker. 

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Consumer safety

Your responsibility for selling unsafe goods, information on manufacturing and importing goods. Your legal responsibility selling safe second hand goods and goods in rented accommodation and where else to go for advice.

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Environmental requirement

Information on energy efficient labels, packaging, when to get an energy performance certificate and advice on environmental requirements.

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Registered trademark logo

Trademarks and copyright

Why protect your designs and ideas and why you should not copy other creations or designs.

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