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Countyhall Beverley

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Person being interviewed

Council jobs and pensions

Information about jobs at the council, council pension scheme.

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Jigsaw puzzle


Information about councillor committees, such as planning, audit, standards, joint local, appeals, licensing, appointments committees, the Cabinet, the Council.

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Councillors and members of Parliament

Information about your local councillor (ward, parish or town councillor), your local Member of Parliament (MP) and your local Member of European Parliament (MEP).

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Flow chart

Plans, policies and strategies

Information about the plans and policies of sustainable environment, caring for children, transport, rural policy, council business plan, housing, economic development, public protection.

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Judges Hammer

Governance and spending

Information about budgets and spending, protecting your personal information, freedom of information, insurance claims, internal audit, governance and risk, fraud and corruption.

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Other council services

Information about other council services for schools, public and businesses, invoices for council services. 

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Hand drawn critical path diagram

Council structure

Information on the council's structure.

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Fields and sky

Council property and land ownership

Information about the strategic management of council property, land ownership, maintenance of council buildings, energy management.

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Ballot box

Elections and voting

Information on local elections, general elections, European elections and how to vote in elections. 

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Coat of Arms (small)

Civic services

Information about Chairman of the Council, civic office, the Lord-Lieutenant and the Lieutenancy office. 

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Council Customer Service Staff

Contact the council

Information about customer service centres, citizenlink, find your nearest customer service centre and citizenlink, tell us how it is - comments, compliments and complaints. 

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Pound coins

Grants and funding

Information about finding a grant, small event grants, European funding, sport and play development grants, arts development, disabled facilities grant, home improvement grants and rural funding.

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3D pie chart

Local area facts and figures

Information about profile of the East Riding, data observatory, about our population and area.

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Bar chart going up


Information about how the council is performing in council services, schools, adult education and registration services.

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Press office

Information about media enquiries, press releases, printed publications, advertising and attending council meetings.

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Hands working together

Working with our partners

Information about how the council work with their partners to provide their services for adult social care, caring for children, local action teams, local strategic partnership and renaissance.

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Information sign

Website and accessibility help

Information about using the website, accessibility, language and alternative formats, building the new website, 'you said, we did' and reporting problems with the website.

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