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Review Panels

What is a review panel?

Review panels are in depth studies into particular areas of council policy or issues of local concern. They give councillors the opportunity to examine areas in detail and to produce detailed and informed recommendations.Top of page

Which councillors sit on a review panel?

Review panels consist of six members, reflecting the political proportionality of the council.

  • Review Panel A – Chaired by Councillor Dennis to comprise of four Conservative councillors, one Labour and one Independent councillor
  • Review Panel B – Chaired by Councillor West to comprise of four Conservative councillors, one Labour and one Independent councillor

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Who chairs meetings?

Review panels are chaired either by Councillor Dennis (Conservative) or Councillor West  (Conservative).

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Are meetings open to the public?

No, due to often confidential material being discussed which must be considered in private.

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Can I record, film, take photographs or use social media during meetings?

No, due to the fact meetings are not open to the press or public.

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How is it decided which topics are reviewed?

Items for review are usually put forward by councillors to the Overview Management Committee who decide what order the topics should be looked at. However, we always welcome suggestions from the public.

If you would like to submit a topic to be considered for scrutiny, then please:


Telephone: (01482) 393206

or write to:

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Democratic Services
Overview and Scrutiny
County Hall
Cross Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA

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How can I view a review panel report?

Review panel reports can be viewed by downloading the relevant report below.

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What is the process of a review panel?

A chairman and other review panel members are appointed who direct the course of the review and determine how the topic will be scrutinised. Review panels are supported by an overview and scrutiny officer who carries out research on behalf of the group and drafts the final report. Other council officers and where relevant, external bodies, are also involved in the process, providing information as and when required.
At the end of the review, the review panel will produce a report setting out its recommendations. This report goes forward to the Overview Management Committee who will comment on the recommendations. The report is then received by the Cabinet for comment before being discussed and approved by the full council.

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