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Elections and voting

Cross being placed in ballot box

Elections take place in the East Riding over the course of time to elect councillors, MPs and MEPs for the local area.

To vote in these elections residents must be 18 years of age and over and must be registered on the Register of Electors.

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Signing form

Register to vote

Find out who can vote, how to register, voting anonymously, re-registering (if you move house or change your name), postal voting and voting on someone else's behalf.

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Page from register and pen

Register of electors

Describes what the register is, who can view it and how to opt-out of being included on the Open Register of Electors.

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Ballot box


Explains what Elections are for and how you can take part as a voter or a candidate and where you can view election notices and results.

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Pen ticking a box

Household voting (annual canvass)

Explains the annual canvass process and what to do when you receive a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) or Invitation to Register (ITR) form.

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