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Governance and spending


How we spend and protect public monies, accessing information through the Freedom of information Act, data protection and auditing.

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Budgets and spending

Information about council spending over £500, statement of accounts, business plan and mid term financial strategy and the capital investment programme.

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Hand steeling money

Fraud and corruption

Information about whistle blowing, investigations and data matching.

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Freedom of information

Explains what the freedom of information act is like and the type of information you can ask for. Also provides information on environmental information, schools, personal data, making requests, response times, needing more information, and what to do if you are not happy with the response.

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Governance and risk

Information about governance and the alternative governance structure and risk management.

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Internal audit

Viewing annual reports and information about the internal independent audit service.

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Insurance claims

Information about making claims for injury, damage and property damage. Also information on how to report an accident and reporting a fraudulent claim.

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Visualisation of data streaming

Protecting your personal information

Information about data protection, privacy and cookies and the copyright statement.

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