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Grants and funding

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Helping you find grants or funding.

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Finding a grant

Information about getting help with finding a grant, what East Riding 4 Community (the successor to GRANTnet) is, who can use it and how to access it, what happens when you register your details, is it available anywhere in the UK, successful applications, help with difficult situations and who to contact for further help. 

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Connecting communities grant

This grant provides funding to support projects that get older people involved in social or physical activities, or to take part in events that are happening in the their community. This section provides information about how to access this funding and who to contact for further help.

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Positive activities grant

Voluntary organisations delivering activities for young people in the East Riding can apply for grant funding, the Positive Activities Grant (PAG) 2015 is provided  by the Youth and Family Support Service.

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Disabled facilities grant

If you, or someone you live with, has a disability, you may be eligible for a grant to pay for adaptations to your home.

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European funding

Funding is provided to authorities and organisations by the European Union. This section provides more information about EU funding and what is available to organisations in this area.

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Home improvement grants

Due to cuts in government funding we are no longer able to provide home improvement grants or loans.

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Rural Funding

Rural funding refers to money which is primarily aimed at projects within parishes within the East Riding which are considered rural and have a population of under 10,000 people.

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Small events grants

Explaining what a small events grant is and how to apply for one.

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Sport, play and arts grants

Funding for sport, play and arts groups and talented athletes.

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