About rural funding

Explains what is meant by rural funding, how to find out about it, what funds are available in the East Riding and how to apply for rural funding. 

What is meant by rural funding?

Rural funding refers to money that is specifically aimed at projects in rural areas.  Rural funding can help rural businesses to grow and support rural community projects.

Rural funding in the East Riding comes from a variety of sources including:

For information on other types of funds or funding relating to specific topics such as sports, arts or council service delivery, please visit Finding a grant.

What type of community funds linked to energy-related developments is available in the East Riding?

In general, there are three types of community funds provided by companies, these are;

Community Benefit Contributions or Pre-Construction Funds

These are one-off donations made by the companies to be spent during the construction period of a development to mitigate against the impact on the community.

Single Donations

These are larger donations general linked to industrial processing or receiving facilities.  They have to be spent over a set time period with any money not spent returned to the company.

Annual Donations

These funds tend to be linked to onshore wind farm developments and the size of the annual donation is calculated in accordance with megawatt capacity of the development.  The industry has a protocol which suggests that the amount should be £5,000 per megawatt and that the annual donations should be index linked to either the Consumer Price Index or Retail Price Index.

For further information about existing and potential new funds please contact us. 

Email:  ruralfunding@eastriding.gov.uk

How can I find out about community funds linked to energy-related developments?

The rural policy and partnership team is responsible for a number of community funds linked to energy-related developments in the East Riding. These funds are completely voluntary and provided by companies for community benefit as part of their corporate responsibility policy. Each fund has its own criteria, its own area of benefit and local decision-making panel that allocates the money to projects.

The map below identifies wind farms which have community funds associated with them:

Once you have viewed the map, please use the links below for further information about a particular fund:

The following funds are within the East Riding but administered by other bodies;

Caythorpe Gas Storage Environmental Fund

This fund is for qualifying projects within the parishes of Boynton, Rudston and Burton Agnes and can be used to secure improvements to the natural environment including landscape, ecology and archaeology.

For further information please visit Caythorpe Pegas Storage website.

Caythorpe Pegas Storage (external website)

East Coast Community Fund

This fund is part of the community engagement programme for Orsted’s (Formerly DONG Energy) Race Bank and Hornsea Project One offshore wind farms which are located off the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Norfolk coast. The area of benefit for the fund stretches from Bridlington down to the Wash and provides grants of between £1,000 - £50,000.

The fund is administered by Grantscape. For more information visit the Grantscape website (external website)

Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Community Fund

This fund aims to support projects that improve the local quality of life and community resources for residents who live in the parish council areas of Barmston and Fraisthorpe, Carnaby and part of the area served by Bridlington Town Council that is south of the Spa.

The fund is administered by the Two Ridings Community Foundation. For more information please visit the Two Ridings Community Foundation website.

Two Ridings Community Foundation (external website) 

Roos (RES) Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund 

This fund aims to support the community within a 5-kilometre radius of Roos Post Office.

The secretariat for the fund is East Riding Voluntary Action Services. For more information and to download a fund application form please visit the ERVAS website.

East Riding Voluntary Action Services (external website)

Six Penny Wood Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

This fund aims to promote charitable, educational, community, environmental, energy efficiency and general community amenity schemes within the East Riding of Yorkshire with a preference for projects within 5 kilometres of the wind farm at Balkholme.

The fund is administered by the Two Ridings Community Foundation. For more information please visit the Two Ridings Community Foundation website.

Two Ridings Community Foundation (external website)

Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund is exclusively for the benefit of Newbald Parish and is managed by Newbald Parish Council.  For more information please visit the Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.

Sober Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund (external website)

How can I find out about the East Riding of Yorkshire Council  World War 1 Centenary Fund?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has established a Fund to support communities across the East Riding which are planning to hold commemorative events up to, and around, the centenary of the end of the First World War on 11th November 2018.  For more information please visit the World War 1 Centenary Fund webpage . 

Last Updated: Monday, 13 August 2018