Performance of adult education

What does the adult education service do?

The service is primarily responsible for the delivery of learning to adults aged 16+. 

The Service sits within the achievement and inclusion service of the Children, Families and Adults Directorate and went through its Ofsted Inspection in 2010, which judged the overall effectiveness of the provision to be good, with equality and diversity judged to be outstanding.

The adult education service is grant funded, receiving money from the Education Funding Agency and Skills Funding Agency, both of whom guide the service as to what provision should be offered each year.  The service is also given direction from the needs of the local community and national priorities.

More information on all the subject areas on offer can be found on the What you can learn page.

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How many courses does the service run?

The Service operates from 8 adult education centres and in 2010-11 delivered courses in 131 venues throughout the East Riding. Courses are available in 11 different subject areas and 732 course titles ran during 2010-11. In the same year there were enrollments by 4,797 learners.

During 2010-11, overall success rates were good at 87 per cent, which is 8 per cent above the national benchmark.  Also, 99 per cent of learners reported to the service that they felt safe whilst learning and that the adult education teaching methods met their learning needs.


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