All plans, policies and strategies

Where can I see all the plans, policies and strategies?

All council plans, polices and strategies can be found below. To view all the plans, policies and strategies for a particular area you can click on the individual categories on the right of the document panel or perform a document search using the keyword search above the document panel.

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What are plans, policies and strategies?  

Strategies focus on the medium to long-term (typically 3-20 years) priorities of the council, or council and its partners.

Strategies (or plans) are forward looking, define outcomes, take a long-term view and outward look. They take into consideration local, regional, national and global factors.

Policies clarify and communicate the position taken by the council on a particular issue, ensuring compliance with legislation, a focus on service development, improved service delivery and efficiency and safeguard the council, employees and service users.

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