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Rural policy

Is there a rural strategy for the East Riding of Yorkshire?

The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy 2013-2016 and it's accompanying Action Plan has been produced jointly by the council and the East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Partnership. The strategy assesses the implications for our rural areas both in relation to the current economic climate and in respect of implementing wide-ranging Government policy at the local level, and have been designed to help rural communities and businesses meet both the opportunities and challenges that come with rapid change.

 Following extensive consultation, twelve specific objectives were identified which aim to grow the rural economy, safeguard the environment and enhance the wellbeing of rural communities generally, and will support the vision of:

 “Inclusive, active and enterprising - well connected to jobs and services, with a high quality environment, offering a good quality of life for all residents, and opportunities for participation in recreation, cultural activities and civic life.

The accompanying Action Plan will be refreshed annually, and will provide the framework for a number of key activities to take forward the aims of the Rural Strategy, and will steer the delivery process.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy 2013-2016(pdf 5mb opens in new window) 

The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy - Action Plan 2013-14 (pdf 7mb opens in new window)

If you would like to request a hard copy of the strategy and the action plan please contact the rural team directly using the contact us link above.

The refreshed Strategy and Action Plan for 2014-15 

The partnership has been working closely with the council to refresh The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy 2013-2016, review the first Action Plan for (2013-2014) and draw up a revised Action Plan for 2014-2015. The action plan provides a framework for a number of key activities to take forward the aims of the Rural Strategy, and will steer the delivery process. 

The refreshed Strategy and Action Plan for 2014-15 can be downloaded below:

The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy (2013-2016) Annual Refresh (2014-2014) (pdf 1000kb opens in new window)

For further information  please contact the Rural Team on (01482) 391691 or email

 Please refer to the council business planfor more information on the council's corporate priorities.

The previous rural strategy and action plan for the Hull and Humber Ports City Region (June 2009), which covers the whole of the East Riding of Yorkshire, is still available and can be forwarded upon request. The council's rural policy team obtained external funding to produce this strategy as part of our work with the Humber Rural Partnership.

East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy 2015/16 Mini Refresh

It is intended that work will begin in the autumn of 2015 to consult on and prepare a new Rural Strategy for 2016-2020. This will include a major revision of the Action Plan and a review of both its structure and content. This mini-refresh therefore includes a ‘holding’ review of the current Action Plan, giving a current position statement on existing actions and their associated work-streams, and an indication of future direction of travel in each instance.

A copy of the Mini Refresh 2015/16 can be downloaded below.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy 2013-2016 2015/16 mini-refresh (pdf 277kb opens in new window)

If you would like to request a hard copy of the mini refresh please contact the rural team directly using the contact us link above.

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What did the consultation process  achieve?

A public consultation on the Draft Rural Strategy took place between 23 April and 9 June 2012.  The draft strategy, full copy and summary were available on the council website along with a questionnaire to facilitate electronic responses.  The document was also circulated to all 172 town and parish councils, around 40 partner and stakeholder organisations and to  individuals known to be interested in rural affairs.

Appendix 1 - List of consultees (word 32kb opens in new window)

Six community consultation events also  took place at various locations across the East Riding. Council Members, parish councils, and relevant partnerships (including the six community partnerships) were invited to these events. They were held at Middleton on the Wolds, Skirlaugh, Holme on Spalding Moor, Kilham, Rawcliffe and Withernsea.

Appendix 2 - Participants in community consultation events (word 27kb opens in new window)

A total of 940 comments were received from 57 sources - counting each of the six community events as a single source. The great majority of comments arrived electronically either as e mails or as e-questionnaire responses. The Economy and Community sections of the Draft Strategy received the highest number of comments with the policy context and rural governance sections also attracting substantial feedback.

Appendix 3 - Summary of key comments and recommendations (word 64kb opens in new window)

Draft - Rural Strategy for the East Riding of Yorkshire -  Report on Outcome of  Public Consultation (word 64kb opens in new window)

For further information about any specific individual comments and their response/action can be obtained by contacting the rural team or by using the contact us form on the right. 

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What work does the council's rural policy team undertake?

The council has a small rural policy team in the Directorate of Planning and Economic Regeneration. The team works to ensure that the council and partner organisations are kept up-to-date of the latest rural issues and developments, and seeks to influence rural policy decisions at all levels.

The team leads on the preparation of the council's rural strategy and action plan. Our work also includes contributing to national policy consultations on a range of matters to ensure that the local, rural voice is heard. Recent work has included renewable energy, the natural environment, countryside access and rural transport.

For further information on rural matters please contact the council’s rural policy team.

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Where can I find out more about national policies affecting the East Riding?

Information on all areas of national government policy (including health, education, business, welfare and pensions) can be found at Directgov (external website).

For additional information on national policies affecting rural communities and land
use, please follow the links to the following government departments:

DEFRA responsibilities include food, farming and biodiversity. Government agencies such as Natural England, Environment Agency, Natural England and the Rural Payments Agency all work for Defra.

DCLG responsibilities include rural social and community issues, and the emerging ‘Big Society’ and localism agenda.

DECC is responsible for renewable energy and carbon reduction policy.

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