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Website and accessibility help

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Although we hope this website is straight forward to use, we understand that there may be times when a little extra guidance may come in handy. This section tells you how to use the site, why we created it, how we're improving it and what we're doing to make it an accessible website for all our customers.

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How to use the website

Help finding your way around, using forms, documents, maps, webcams and MyEastriding.

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Website accessibility

What we're doing to try to make this website accessible to all, and tips on how you can make your own changes to improve ease of viewing.

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Language and alternative formats

How to request website information in alternative languages (e.g.polski, latviešu valodāand) and alternative formats such as braille.

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Web browser information

What web browsers the council supports, what are available, how to update and why.

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Website improvements

Your feedback and suggestions are important to help us improve this website. This page lists your suggestions/complaints and what we've done to improve.

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Problems with the website

Advice if the website isn't displaying correctly, how to tell us if something doesn't work or if you have any suggestions on how we can make this a better website.

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