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These mapping websites provide an alternative way of finding council information and services in your area - by location. 

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Map of the East Riding

Using maps

How to use the mapping features, service finders and directories of information on the website.

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Picture of some cliffs

Coastal explorer (external East Riding website)

Created after the retreat of the last ice age, the East Riding of Yorkshire's coastline is probably the youngest and the most fragile of UK landmasses. The costal explorer holds a wide range of information and statistics on our coastline.

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Data observatory image

Data observatory (external East Riding website)

Visit our observatory for a variety of information covering the economy, deprivation, crime, education and demographics. This site contains facts, figures, maps and analysis covering the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Council workers

Find your nearest council buildings, offices and services

The council provides a range of services to the public. The service finder shows the location of these services, such as council offices, leisure centres, libraries and registry offices.

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Pen ticking a box

Find your nearest polling station

The council is responsible for the organisation of all elections and polls in the East Riding of Yorkshire. This role includes the coordination of  postal and proxy voting, poll cards and polling stations.

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Property sale sign

Find your nearest council property for sale or rent

The council offers professional valuation and estates management. This includes the marketing for sale or for lease of land and property including industrial/commercial, residential, agricultural and development sites.

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Group of small children

Find your nearest school

The East Riding of Yorkshire has over 170 schools, nurseries and colleges. From here you can find information on your local schools including their contact details and term dates.


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Map and pencils

Public access (external East Riding website)

Public access is our main repository for information on planning applications, appeals and enforcement. The system allows users to search this information by keyword, application reference, postcode or by a single line of an address.

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Blue and green bin

Refuse routes (external East Riding website)

The council has over 40 domestic rounds collecting waste from about 149,000 households across the area. This site shows the routes taken by the vehicles and the dates of collection.

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Parked cars

Street information search (external East Riding website)

Traffic regulation orders cover a range of subjects from speed limits to parking restrictions and one way systems. The street information search displays these orders in a mapping interface with brief a summary of what the order entails.

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Walking boots

Walking the riding (external East Riding website)

Containing over 300 interesting routes through the towns, coastal villages and rolling hills of East Yorkshire. Whether you’re an experienced walker or just fancy a Sunday stroll, this site has a walk to suit your needs.

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Snow plough

Winter maintenance (external East Riding website)

The council provides a range of services to help deal with winter conditions. These range from the precautionary salting of the more heavily trafficked roads to snow clearance, the provision of boxes of salt in built-up areas and salt heaps on rural roads.

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