What is MyEastriding?

MyEastriding provides information on services in your local area by using your address. There are two levels of access available - standard (by entering your postcode) and advanced (by logging in):

Enter your postcode for standard features

Standard features can be accessed by simply entering your postcode at the top of the page, then selecting your address from the dropdown list.

Once your address has been set, you can subscribe to an array of services including press releases, bin collection reminders and latest planning applications in your area. You can also find doctors, dentists, events, weather forecasts, schools and OFSTED reports.

To view only information that interests you, you can turn on/off boxes of information by clicking 'Add more to your page' and selecting which boxes you wish to appear.

Please note: every time you exit the site, your postcode will be cleared and you will have to re-set it upon your next visit. To ensure your postcode remains set to your property, please register and log in each time you visit.

Log in for advanced features

Advanced features must be accessed via logging in. If you don't have an account your must register.

The advanced features enable you to manage your customer service calls, email alerts and your council tax account. In the future we hope to provide you with a bookmarking facility so you can quickly accessed the pages you most often visit.

Try it out now - visit MyEastriding.

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How do I register for an account?

Please note: for security reasons, registration isn't instant and will take a couple of weeks. Please read on for more information why, and how it works.

Initial registration

Please enter your email address in the 'login/register' section of the 'My details' box and follow on screen instructions. Once registered you will continue to receive access to standard features only you have fully activated your account (see below).

Account activation

Because some of the information you will get access to relates to your property, we will need to confirm that you do indeed live at the address that you provide during registration.

We will do this by posting a letter to your address. This letter will contain an activation code which you must enter when you next log in. Once entered, you will receive full features.

Existing users

To access the new version you can continue to log in using your existing account name/number by entering it into the 'Login/register' box.

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What information does each of the boxes give me?

My account

This box is split into two parts - postcode search and login/register. Once logged in you can sign up for alerts, track service calls and edit your account.

Find My Nearest

This section lists council services near to your chosen location, including libraries, leisure centres, schools and council offices. The layout of each service is identical, showing a map of their locations and a written list beneath. By clicking on a specific building or location, you can see more details about that service.

Report a problem

This section helps you to report problems in your area, such as potholes, missed bins or faulty street lights. It lists the most common problems reported to the council, but also has a link to all other online forms to report other problems. Select the appropriate link and complete the online form. If you have logged into MyEastRiding, the forms will contain your address information, otherwise you will have to enter it yourself.

My Property

Council tax

From here you can request information on your council tax and see which band your property falls into. Users with their account information can also make payments and check their balance.


Planning applications near where you live plus information on planning requirements and needs for planning permission.

Roadworks and winter

Shows whether your road is salted in cold weather, and what roadwork permits have been requested on it.

Waste and recycling

From this section you can see your next blue, brown and green bin collection date, and which route collects your refuse.

Environment and local information

Direct links to external websites giving you personalised information about flood warnings, house prices, crime rates, environmental issues and census statistics for your area.

My Location

Shows your address on a map. If the map doesn't show, you may need to install a plug-in called Silverlight. Read more about what it is and how you can install it.

My Account

You can track the progress of service calls made via customer services on (10482) 393939 by clicking the 'My calls' button.

My Events

Find and book events in your area, or the wider East Riding.

My Health

This section uses information directly from the NHS Choices website. It lists NHS care providers across the region, showing you the five nearest to where you live. Each result has a link to further information on the NHS Choices website.

My Councillors

Helping you find your local councillors, MPs and polling stations during election times.

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Why are all boxes blank, saying 'Set your location or login to view'?

MyEastRiding shows information about your local area, but to do so it needs to know your location. This is done by entering your postcode at the top of the screen, or logging in to the system using your MyEastRiding account.

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What can't I see the map in 'My Location' (installing Silverlight)?

If you see an 'Install Silverlight' message in the 'My Location' section, instead of a map, you don't have the software installed. To install it, click on the Silverlight logo and follow the on screen instructions. Once complete, go back to MyEastriding and the map should appear.

What is Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is used by an increasing number of websites to provide streaming media, multimedia, graphics and animation.

It is available as a plug-in for most web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. The council uses it in a number of locations, mainly to show maps of council services. Some computers will already have Silverlight installed automatically by Windows, but those without it can install it by clicking on the Silverlight logo on each mapping page or directly from the Microsoft website:

Download Microsoft Silverlight (external website)

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How do I report a problem?

You can report a problem or request further help by contacting the web team. We will aim to respond to you within 3 working days.

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Does MyEastRiding use internet cookies?

This website uses cookies to monitor browsing preferences. If you do allow cookies to be used, your Address and MyEastRiding Account Reference may be stored by us for use on this website.

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Is MyEastRiding secure?

MyEastRiding is a secure environment and uses internet security protocols. This means that no other person, apart from council employees directly involved with your request, will have access to the information you entered whilst logged into MyEastRiding. All passwords within MyEastRiding are encrypted to ensure total security and prevent unauthorised persons using your account.

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