Using forms on the new website

How do I use forms on the website?

Online forms allow you to report problems or request council services online. The information entered into these forms is automatically forwarded to the correct department to deal with the request. If you provide your e-mail address on a form you will receive a confirmation email. The information in the request is recorded in our customer services system so that we can deal with the request as efficiently as possible.

There are various different styles of form on this website, all of which will open in a new window. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and upon completing the form, click on ‘Submit’ to submit the request to us. You will see a confirmation screen which will confirm that the request has been processed. If you have given an e-mail address you will then receive your confirmation e-mail. Close the browser window to return to the website.Top of page

Where can I find links to forms?

Online form links can be found:

  • on the 'Do' page which has links to most of our online forms. Browse by most popular, or by section e.g council, environment, housing.
    View all form links on the Do page.

  • within the answer to a specific question (e.g. For the question 'How can I pay my council tax online?' a link to the payments page will be provided.)
  • within the 'Do it' box on the right hand side of a specific page (e.g. The rubbish and waste pages has links including 'report a missed bin collection'). Please note that if no forms for a section exists, this 'Do it' box will not appear.

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Why can't I pay, apply, book or report what I want to?

Unfortunately, not all council services can be provided by an online form. Often because of security reasons such as applications requiring signatures and supporting documents.

However, we are always looking to improve our online services and would welcome your comments about any services which you would like to be able to complete online. Please use the General Enquiry form on the right hand side of this page to send us your ideas.

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