Community safety

Information about the community safety partnership, what the aims are and where to find more information. 

What is the Community Safety Partnership (CSP)?

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 requires 'responsible authorities' i.e. Local Authority, Police, Police Authority, Health, Fire Service to co-operate and collaborate in order to:

  • prepare a strategic assessment at least once a year
  • prepare and implement a rolling partnership plan, that will be updated each year
  • engage with communities.

Together with other partner agencies, the 'responsible authorities' form a "Community Safety Partnership" (CSP).

The Partnership works together to reduce the incidence of crime and disorder, tackle the underlying causes and achieve a permanent improvement to the quality of life in our local community.

The constitution can be viewed below:

Community Safety Partnership - Constitution (pdf 194kb opens in new window)

What are the aims of the Community Safety Partnership?

The Community Safety Partnership seeks to ensure that community safety in the East Riding is community-driven and community-led, it is a place where differing communities have their needs met and people feel safe and secure.

The Partnership produced a Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2021 which can be viewed below:

East Riding CSP Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021 (pdf 304kb opens in new window)

What is the Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment (JSIA)?

The Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment will summarise the views of residents’, businesses, voluntary organisations, community groups and others, include data on crime levels and the use of interventions and also commentary from each partner on what they have done to deliver the strategic themes. The assessment looks at crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour and substance misuse issues affecting the East Riding. We do this in partnership and the purpose is to help the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) identify priorities in making the East Riding a safer place.

The JSIA presents and interprets the findings of an intelligence analysis. The purpose is to help the strategy group (in the East Riding this role is undertaken by the CSP) develop its partnership plan.

The strategic assessment enables partners to: 

  • understand the patterns, trends and shifts relating to crime, disorder and substance misuse 
  • set clear priorities for the partnership
  • develop the intelligence-led activity that meets the needs of the local community
  • deploy resources effectively and present value for money; and 
  • undertake annual reviews and plan actions based on a clear understanding of the issues and priorities. 

The 2016/17 JSIA is available to view here:

2016/17 JSIA Report (pdf 1.48mb opens in new window)

Does the Community Safety Partnership have funding to help deliver community safety projects?

The Police and Crime Commissioner has provided funding to the Community Safety Partnership in 2018/19 to allocate to projects which assist in delivering outcomes in his Police and Crime Plan, The plan can be viewed below:

The Police and Crime Plan – Humberside Police & Crime Commissioners Website (external website)

The funding is in two equal phases. Phase one funding has been allocated.   £103,000 of Phase one funding will be available through the Crime Reduction Fund for voluntary and community groups, Parish Councils and other similar groups to make bids for.

For more information about the Crime Reduction Fund, please see the relevant question on the preventing crime page .

Phase two funding is a one-off amount of £415,615 for organisations to apply for through the Community Safety Fund Grant Scheme, please see the document below for further information:

Community Safety Fund  - Grant Scheme (pdf 628kb opens in new window)

There are no deadlines for applications for Phase two funding, other than it must be spent by 31 March 2021.

Awards to date are set out below.

  1. Volunteer service - ERVAS - £26,273 per annum for three years. 
  2. Low cost gardening service - Green Team - £30,000 for one year.
  3. Intensive engagement project - NACRO - £84,610 for one year.
  4. Risk taking roadshow - Youth and Family Support service - £32,875 for two years.
  5. Strategic Review Officer for CSP (ERYC) - £31,225 for 15 months.

How to apply

Should you wish to apply for phase one or phase two funding you should complete the following application form and return it to:

Email: safe.communities@eastriding.gcsx.gov.uk

Community Safety Grant Scheme – Application Form (word 623kb opens in new window)

Last Updated: Friday, 18 May 2018