Local Strategic Partnership

What is a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)?

The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) is a partnership that brings together organisations from public, private, community and voluntary sector in a local authority area. The key objective of the LSP is to improve the quality of life in that area.

Because an LSP is locally based, the community are well placed to influence its decision-making. This provides the community with the opportunity to have their say on what services should be provided to meet their needs.

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What is the East Riding LSP?

Founded in 2001, the East Riding LSP is comprised of partner organisations from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. Its key function is to develop and deliver a plan for the ongoing sustainable development of the area. Through this jointly developed Community Plan, partners work together for the benefit of all East Riding residents and visitors, both now and in the future.

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What is the Community Plan?

Launched in November 2006, Our East Riding is the East Riding Local Strategic Partnership’s (LSP) second Community Plan and provides a blueprint for the area over the period 2006-2016.

The LSP is an umbrella partnership which brings together organisations from all sectors to work toward a common goal see our ambition for the area for more information. 

The LSP provides a strong platform for joint working to stimulate innovation; it is also a vehicle for ensuring that public services are delivered in a strategic, cost effective and timely way.

Reduced levels of funding are challenging all partners to reconsider how their services are delivered. Planning for the future is essential, as is ensuring that we meet the demands of a changing economy and the changing social circumstances of many individuals and families.

Underpinning our ambition is the desire to connect with the needs of all local people and respond effectively, making the best use of our resources, reducing waste and duplication, whilst ensuring that we are able to improve the overall quality of life in the area.

We present therefore this review of our collective ambitions for residents, communities and organisations working in the East Riding.

Community Plan 2013 (pdf 1mb opens in new window)

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How do we manage the delivery of the Community Plan?

The LSP are putting in place a system to help deliver the Community Plan and ensure it is effectively performance managed.

Before March 2012, measures will be agreed by the LSP Action Groups and a LSP performance framework will be developed. Headline measures and localised data will be, where possible, reported to the LSP Board.  

To ensure Action Groups are challenged and accountable they will report to the LSP Board once a year. These sessions will also allow long term forecasts to be discussed and agreed. At other times, regular reports will be provided to the LSP Board, particularly where there is concern about underperforming measures. The LSP's Resource Advisory Group will support the performance framework, providing guidance and support around funding, use of resources, data sharing and partnership working.

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What is our Ambition for the area?

In 2006, East Riding LSP set out a 10 year ambition for the area. As a group of partner organisations, we are working together to ensure that the East Riding is a place where;

  • Children and young people have a brighter future

  • Older people enjoy a healthy, independent, lifestyle

  • Communities are healthy, thriving, prosperous and safe

  • Regeneration transforms deprived areas and reduces health and other inequalities

  • We value and care for the diverse character of the area

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What is the LSP Structure?

You can download a chart outlining the structure of the LSP below:

LSP Structure (pdf 110kb opens in new window) 

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What is the East Riding LSP Board?

Chair: Cllr. Jonathan Owen Deputy Leader, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

LSP Contact is Iain Edmiston, please email iain.edmiston@eastriding.gov.uk for more information.

The purpose of the LSP Board is:

  • To develop, deliver and performance manage the Community Plan

  • To give direction and guidance to thematic and delivery partnerships operating in the East Riding in relation to the delivery of the Community Plan

  • To enhance the use of shared resources by partners to deliver the ambition of the LSP

  • Drive an area based approach to service improvement and efficient delivery of services

  • Identify, assess and manage risk in order to achieve the ambition of the Community Plan 2006-2016

  • To ensure that engagement takes place through effective communication with residents and stakeholders

  • To establish task and finish groups as and when required to deliver LSP priorities

Membership of the East Riding LSP Board

The current membership of the LSP Board consists of:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Leader of the Council, Elected Members from the two largest political groups represented within the Council. 

  • Humberside Police

  • Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

  • East Riding NHS CCG

  • Humberside Probation Trust

  • LSP Action Group Chairs

  • Voluntary and Community Sector

  • Economy and skills

  • Representation from the private sector

The secretariat function for the LSP Board is provided by the Chief Executive of East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The LSP Board meets six times per year, one of which will incorporate the Annual General Meeting. 

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What is  the East Riding Children’s Trust?

Chair: Kevin Hall, NHS East Riding of Yorkshire/East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding Children's Trust contact is Ian Edmiston, please email  Iain.edmiston@eastriding.gov.uk for more information.


The Children’s Trust Board is a partnership of organisations responsible for the delivery of services to children, young people and families. It covers the work of organisations at every level, from the development of an overall Children and Young People’s Plan to the day to day delivery of integrated services. The Children’s Trust Board supports and encourages all services whether statutory, voluntary or private, to work together in partnership by:

  • Setting the vision and strategy

  • Ensuring services are delivered to improve outcomes

  • Supporting partners to work together

  • Producing a Children and Young People’s Plan and reviewing progress


Children’s Trust Board membership includes:

  • East Riding Schools

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  • East Riding Voluntary Action Services

  • Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals

  • Humber NHS Foundation Trust

  • Humberside Fire and Rescue Services

  • Humberside Police

  • Jobcentre Plus

  • Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

  • Humberside Probation Trust

  • NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group

  • North Bank Forum


By 2016 we want all young people in the East Riding of Yorkshire to be happy, healthy, safe and achieve their potential.  We want each and every young person to have a brighter future and East Riding of Yorkshire Council will ensure that it discharges its responsibilities as a corporate parent and, with its partners, advocate on behalf of looked after children and young people to improve their life chances. We will also work in partnership to remove barriers to achievement and close attainment, health and socio-economic gaps so that everyone can reach their potential. We will harness the talent and enthusiasm of young people to ensure that all our services meet their needs.

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What is the East Riding Community Safety Partnership?

Chair: Cllr. Jackie Cracknell, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding Community Safety Partnership contact is Max Hough, please email max.hough@eastriding.gov.uk for more information.


The purpose of the East Riding Community Safety Partnership is to work closely and co-operatively with local communities, partner agencies and local groups to cut crime and the fear of crime, reduce anti-social behaviour, target offenders, support victims and make local public spaces safe.


The East Riding Community Safety Partnership consists of a group of senior managers from local statutory and voluntary agencies who identify and agree how best their differing agencies can deliver better community safety outcomes for the communities of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The partnership is made up of representatives from the following organisations:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  • East Riding Voluntary Action Service

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Magistrates’ Court Service

  • Humberside Fire and Rescue

  • Humberside Police (C Division)

  • Humberside Police and Crime Panel

  • Humberside Probation Trust

  • NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group 


Our vision for community safety within the East Riding of Yorkshire is an area where community safety is community driven and community led, it is a place where differing communities have their needs met and people feel safe and secure.

Crime and anti-social behaviour are low and continue to fall, people have respect for each other and differences are valued. We still have some way to go to achieve our vision but all the partners within the Community Safety Partnership are committed to doing all they can to make our vision a reality.

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What is the Health, Care and Wellbeing Action Group?

Chair: Alex Seale – Director of Commissioning and Transformation - East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Action Group Manager: Jenny Gavin-Allen – Health Diversity and Information Group Manager - East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Please email jenny.gavin-allen@eastriding.gov.uk


The purpose of the group is to support the strategic direction of the East Riding of Yorkshire Local Strategic Partnership and deliver the priorities identified within the East Riding Community Plan and Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The group is responsible for ensuring that partners work together to improve the health and wellbeing, and achieve health inequalities goals for the population of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The priority outcomes within the current Health and Wellbeing Strategy are:

  • East Riding residents achieve health independent ageing
  • Health inequalities are reduced
  • We improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children*


The group will ensure that plans are in place to improve the health and the quality of life of the people of the East Riding.

*This will be delivered by the Children’s Trust Board; the Action Group will work closely with the Board to support their work.


East Riding of Yorkshire CCG (chair)

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (vice chair)

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Head(s) of Service

East Riding of Yorkshire Council/NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Director of Public Health

Non Executive Director NHS East Riding of Yorkshire

East Riding of Yorkshire LINk/Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire (Healthwatch from 1/4/2013)

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Elected members (Portfolio Holders)


Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Humber NHS Foundation Trust

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals Foundation Trust

Older People’s Charter Group

Care providers

Carers representative

Pensioners Action Group East Riding (PAGER)

Equality Representative


The Action Group will work together and with others to secure;

“Better Care,

More Locally,

Within Budget,

Through Transformation.”

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What is the Action Group for the Environment?

Chair: To be confirmed

Action Group Manager: Jeremy Pickles, Principal Sustainable Community and Coast Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  

Please email jeremy.pickles@eastriding.gov.uk for more information.


The principal purpose of the Action Group for the Environment (AGE) will be to contribute to the achievement of all relevant outcomes and objectives outlined in the Sustainable Community Plan and the LSP Performance Framework. This will be done by identifying, supporting and advocating the work of the relevant task groups and partnerships.

The group will identify, coordinate and oversee the work of relevant task groups and partnerships, and any temporary working groups, to ensure that duplication of effort is avoided. The scope and membership of these groups will be determined in early 2013 through a priority setting workshop.

The group will also provide a focus for and a consultative body for the development, implementation and monitoring of relevant strategies and action plans, including the East Riding of Yorkshire Biodiversity Action Plan and the East Riding Climate Change Strategy.


The membership of the group will be determined in early 2013 following workshops and discussions with former members of the Economy and Environment Action Group and relevant council and external officers.

The Task Groups/Partnerships that will sit under AGE will have a breadth of representation covering public, private and third sectors. These will provide a wide range of expertise in specialist areas.


A vision for the group will be determined in early 2013 following priority setting workshops.

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What is the Voluntary and Community Sector Steering Group?

Chair: Judy Leech, Finance Officer, Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council

Voluntary and Community Sector Steering Group contact is Marc Hall, please email marc.hall@eastriding.gov.uk for more information.

The East Riding Voluntary Sector Steering Group brings together voluntary sector infrastructure organisations and other key voluntary and community sector and public sector organisations.  The remit of the group is to shape strategic direction for the sector, as well as ensuring that the voluntary and community sector has the opportunity to influence, scrutinise and challenge LSP activity.


  • Provide support to all voluntary and community sector organisations in the East Riding

  • Enable and ensure effective two-way communication between partners

  • Enable and ensure effective information practices are maintained

  • Provide an environment for the development of voluntary and community sector understanding of strategic planning around issues which may affect and influence the sector

  • Enable all partners to access and influence policies at a local, regional and National level


Membership is open to voluntary and community sector organisations and statutory sector organisations operating within the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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What is the Resource Advisory Group?

Chair: Nigel Pearson, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Resource Advisory Group contact is Lisa Wilson, please email lisa.wilson@eastriding.gov.uk for more information


The LSP Resource Advisory Group brings together the major public sector partners operating within the East Riding in order to provide advice to the LSP Board on the effective use of resources.  The group has established the LSP’s strategic approach to aligning organisational plans to the Community Plan, aligning organisational financial resources to the delivery of outcomes in the Community Plan, developing a range of LSP protocols around issues such as Value for Money and Data Quality and more joined-up approaches to the use of data through, for example, the ‘Customer Insight’ project.

Membership of the Group

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  • Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

  • Humberside Police

  • Humberside Police Authority

  • Humberside Probation Trust

  • Jobcentre Plus

  • NHS East Riding of Yorkshire 

The specific aims of the Group area:

  • Working towards aligning and where appropriate pooling relevant budget streams through joint planning and resource allocation for the better achievement of the shared ambition and priorities in the Community Plan through partner Business Plans and Medium Term Financial Strategies.

  • Proposing an annual resource report identifying aligned funding and any funding to be pooled in order to deliver Community Plan outcomes and priorities.

  • Identifying further opportunities for joint working/collaboration within the East Riding to deliver improved public services (area of focus could include procurement, research and consultation, assets and buildings, back office efficiencies and joint working on specific priorities).

  • Enable the use of data and intelligence across the partnership.

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Where can I get further information?

For further information on any of the above please contact Ian Edmiston:

Email: iain.edmistion@eastriding.gov.uk
Telephone: (01482) 391424

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