My account

You can now create an eastriding.gov.uk account where you will be able to view all your contact with the council, more quickly and easily complete online forms and receive email updates on any requests or reports you have made. 

What is the new customer account?

The new East Riding of Yorkshire Council customer account allows you to log into the website using your email address and a chosen password. 

It will work much like other online accounts that you are used to using, such as Amazon, which allow you to view all your interactions with the council - whether they are by phone, in person or online. 

What has happened to My East Riding?

The new eastriding.gov.uk customer account has completely replaced the old My East Riding system. Your old login details will no longer work and you will have to create a new account. You can create a new account whilst completing any of our new online forms or by clicking the register button within the my account area.

What does it do?

We are creating new and improved online forms which will allow you to access council services 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your own home or on the move with your mobile device. 

By creating an online account, the information that you provide in these forms will feed into a centralised system allowing us to process your request much quicker, and allows you to see how we're dealing with your request.

Why have you made the customer account?

How it helps you:

  • access to our full range of new online forms
  • no need to re-enter personal details each time you complete a form
  • view a summary of any contact you make with the council
  • get updates of your requests

How it helps us:

  • all information is dealt with centrally in one system - this improves the way we deal with your request
  • we reduce the need for phone calls - most communication can be done online
  • all reminders and service updates are automated

These features not only improve the service we can provide to you, but help us save money which allows us to focus our resources where they matter the most.

What can I currently do in my online account?

We are currently developing new online forms for the customer account, our progress to date:

  • Stage 1 (now complete) - for our staff so they can log requests on your behalf
  • Stage 2  (now complete) - for you, the customer. We now have 40+ online transactions relating to roads and waste which will be displayed in your online account
  • Stage 3  (in progress) - 18 new online forms relating to environmental health (including pest reporting, dog fouling, private housing and lost/stray dogs) will be launched late 2017

Dates for further council forms to be launched in 2018 are currently being finalised.

Last Updated: Friday, 27 October 2017