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Bins, rubbish and recycling

scrap metal

Collections comprise of the brown bin for food and garden waste; the blue recycling bin for paper, cardboard, cans, glass and plastic packaging and the green bin collection for rubbish which cannot be placed into the brown or blue bins.

About 80 per cent of household waste, can be recycled.

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Bin man emptying bins

Bins and collections

Information about collection dates, uncollected bins, blue bin waste, brown bin kitchen caddy waste, green bin waste, help putting your bin out, requesting new bins and how to dispose of your bulky waste (e.g. old carpet, mattress, fridge).

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A women putting a bottle in a bottle bank

Household waste recycling sites (tips) and mini recycling sites

Information about household waste recycling sites, mini recycling sites, permits and where to find your nearest recycling site.

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Litter and fly tipping

Information about litter, fly-tipping, flyposting, skip waste and fixed penalty notices.

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Council business waste bin

Business waste

Information on what business waste is, what your responsibility is, using your household bin, businesses not producing much waste, are collections already included in business rates, council collecting, size of bins you can have, what you can recycle, how often is it collected, taking it to tips and advice on how to reduce and reuse waste.

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Clinical waste symbol

Clinical waste

Information on what clinical waste is and how to dispose of it.

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Corrugated sheeting


Explains what asbestos is, how to tell if you have it, what you should do if you have it, how to dispose of it, where to get professional advice and finding a licensed contractor.

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Child recycling glass

Reduce, reuse and recycle waste

Reducing waste at home, stopping junk mail and using real nappies. Also where the team are during East Riding Recycle Week 2016 (13-19 June)

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Man using compost


Compost giveaways, buying compost bins/water butts, and composting advice.

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Buring waste (bonfires)

Burning Waste (bonfires)

Explains the safety and environment considerations when using a bonfire to dispose of garden waste.

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