Bins and collections

bin men emptying blue bins

Collections comprise of the brown bin for food and garden waste; the blue recycling bin for paper, cardboard, cans, glass and plastic packaging and the green bin for rubbish which cannot be placed into the brown or blue bins. You can also book a bulky waste (e.g. fridge, mattress) collection.

About 80% of household waste can be recycled.

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Bin collection calendar

Bin collection dates

Information about when bins are collected, collection on public/bank holidays. Bins text message reminder service subscribe and unsubscribe information.

Items in this section - Bulky waste

Men removing bulky items

Bulky waste collections

Bulky waste is classed as items from your home that will not fit into a wheeled bin for normal weekly collection such as furniture and fridges. Find out how to get this type of waste collected.

Christmas Recycling

Christmas recycling

Information about recycling items specific to Christmas, such as how to recycle real Christmas trees and whether or not you can put wrapping paper or greetings cards into your blue bin. 

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Full blue bin with waste emerging

Bins not collected

Information about why your bin may not have been collected and why it has been tagged.

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A blue bin

Blue bin waste

Explains what you can put in your blue bin and having a second blue bin.

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A full brown bin

Brown bin and kitchen caddy waste

Information about using your kitchen caddy, more caddy liners, what you can put in your brown bin, having a second brown bin, no brown bin, and what happens to your brown bin waste.

Items in this section - Request new bins, boxes and sacks

A green bin

Green bin waste

What you should put in your green bin.


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Bin Men

Help putting your bin out

Information if you need assistance with placing your bins out for collection.

Items in this section - Bins left out

Blue bin left out on the street

Bins left out

Explains how to report bins that have been left out and how you can be prosecuted.

Items in this section - New bin

A green bin

Request new bins

Information about getting an additional/replacement bin and how to report a stolen bin. 

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Bulky waste collections

Men removing bulky items
Use our bulky waste collection service to dispose of your large furniture, white goods and other furnishings such as carpets, sofas, mattresses and fridges.
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