Blue bin waste

Use your blue bin for various paper, plastics, metals and glass packaging

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What can I put in my blue bin?

The following can/can't be placed into the blue bin:

Yes, please
No, thank you
Newspapers and magazines Contaminated food paper/cardboard (place in green bin
Junk mail Paint covered paper/card (place in green bin
Cardboard Laminated paper (place in green bin
Cereal packets Used pet paper (place in brown bin. please note: no dog, cat or horse waste accepted)
Cardboard egg boxes  'Jiffy' plastic lined envelopes (place in green bin
Corrugated boxes Wallpaper (place in green bin/take to tip
Books (hard back and paper back) Tissues or tissue paper (place in green bin
Catalogues (staples OK)

Shredded paper (please place in carrier bag)

Telephone directories  
Envelopes (windows included)
Wrapping paper with sellotape, ribbon and bows removed
Greeting cards including those with embellishments and glitter
Paper bags  
Clean beverage cartons (e.g soup/juice)

Please note: Paper must not be bound/tied together or separated in bags from other materials. Please remove magazines/papers from delivery bags.

Yes, please
No, thank you
Clear plastic bottles with labels - including medicine bottles (please remove lids and place in bin separately)
Rigid plastics - buckets, pipes etc
(place in green bin/take to tip)
Coloured plastic bottles with labels (please remove lids and place in bin separately)
Children's toys
(take to charity shop for re-use/place in green bin/take to tip)
Clean yoghurt pots
Polystyrene packaging
(place in  green bin/take to tip)
Clean food trays
Nappies (place in green bin
Ice cream tubs (and lids) Wrapping film, cling film
(place in green bin)
Margarine tubs (and lids)
Plastic or cellophane food wrappings (place in green bin)
Fruit punnets (and vegetable trays)
Plastic food bags such as frozen food bags, bread bags, vegetable bags* (place in green bin).  Black refuse sacks and charity sacks are also to be placed in green bin
Carrier bags of all thickness (please reuse first) * Hard plastic plant pots
(place in green bin/take to tip)
Clean soft plastic bedding plant trays
Bubble wrap
(place in green bin/take to tip)
Plastic egg trays
Foam egg boxes
(place in green bin)
Clean Tetra Pak cartons (soup/juice)
Crisp/sweet packets (plastic and foil lined) (place in green bin
  VHS tapes / videos (place in green bin
  CDs/DVDs (take to charity shop to reuse/take to tip /Polymer Recycling accept CDs, DVDs and cases by post for recycling, but postage must be paid by the sender/ place in green bin )
  Old computers and keyboards (take to tip)


*Black refuse sacks cannot be placed in the blue recycling bin.

Please wash and squash the accepted plastic containers before putting into the bin.

Please do not use plastic bags to separate the materials.


Yes, please
No, thank you
Steel food and drinks cans (labels left on)
Any cans that have chemical contamination/gas/chemical/oil/paint containers

(place in green bin/take to tip)
Aluminium food and drinks cans (labels left on)
Buckets/scrap metal
(take to tip)
Biscuit tins / sweet tins
Metal pans
(consider charity shops for reuse/take to tip)
Clean aluminium foil Batteries
(take to tip/most supermarkets have battery recycling points )
Clean foil food trays
Kitchen utensils/cutlery/knives/blades
(consider charity shops for reuse/take to tip)
Empty aerosol cans - do not squash (please remove lids and place in bin separately)


Please note: all cans should be empty and clean, can be partially squashed but not crushed or flattened.

Yes, please
No, thank you
Bottles and any lids (any colour)
Window glass
(take to tip)
Jars with metal lids and labels
(consider charity shops for reuse/place in green bin/take to tip)
  Pyrex bowls/Drinking glasses
(consider charity shops for reuse/place in green bin/take to tip)
  Ceramics, tableware
(consider charity shops for reuse/place in green bin/take to tip)
(return to opticians for charity use/take to tip)

Please see the document below for a useful (and visual) guide about what you can recycle in your blue and brown bin:

Your guide to recycling at home (pdf 2mb opens in new window)


All other waste

Any waste which can't be placed in your blue bin can either be:


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Can I have a second blue bin?

If you are in an area which is on fortnightly collections of the blue and green bins and you are still finding that you regularly have too much recycling for your blue bin, you can request a second blue bin using the request a new bin online form.

Request a new bin online form

Households are only able to have one green and one brown bin.

You can also take some additional blue bin materials to your local mini recycling sites (finder map or to your local tip.             

Returning an unwanted second blue bin

If you no longer need your second blue bin, you can arrange for it to be collected by phoning (01482) 393939 or emailing wastewatchers@eastriding.gov.uk.                                               

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Can I put cardboard in my blue bin?

Yes you can.

Previously only those living in an area where fortnightly collections were being carried out were allowed, but now that fortnightly collections have been introduced across the whole of the East riding of Yorkshire, everyone can now put cardboard in their blue bin.

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