Business waste

What is business waste?

Business waste is any item that a business no longer wants and needs to get rid of such as paper, kitchen waste, packaging, general dry non-hazardous waste. This can be from shops, pubs, offices, schools, manufacturing or clinics and business premises (including charities) which are not used purely for domestic living accommodation. Any waste generated by a business, regardless of it being of a domestic nature (such as kitchen waste) is classed as business waste.

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What is my responsibility as a business owner?

All businesses have a legal duty to make contractual arrangements for waste to be collected by a licensed private waste management company or their local authority commercial waste service. 

Businesses are responsible for storing and containing waste to ensure it does not cause a nuisance to anyone or anything. They also have a responsibility to ensure that their waste is disposed of by a licensed person or company who will provide documents to show this. This document is known as a 'waste transfer note' which lasts for 12 months. It is the record of waste 'transferring' from the person producing the waste to the carrier who will then collect and dispose of it correctly.

Businesses who do not make these necessary provisions and breach their waste management duty of care may be committing an offence under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The maximum penalty for this conviction in a magistrates' court is £5,000 or an unlimited fine upon conviction at a crown court.

Environmental Protection Act - Section 34 (external website)

Environment Agency - Duty of Care (external website)

The Environment Agency has a register of licensed carriers who can safely and legally dispose of your business waste.

Environment Agency - Public Registers (external website)

Alternatively, read more about how the council can help your dispose of your business waste.

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Can I put business waste into my household bin?

No, the law does not allow you to use household waste bins for the disposal of business waste. Read all the information on this page to advise you as to how you should dispose of it legally.

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My business doesn't produce much waste, do I still need a business waste collection?

Yes. Many businesses have small quantities of waste and although it might not be much from one premise, together they make a substantial amount which the council have to pay to dispose of.

We are obliged to cover our costs and we offer smaller sized bins and a variety of collection frequencies to suit the needs of smaller businesses.

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Is business waste collection already included within business rates?

The charges for waste collection are not included in the business rates; this is in order to give the freedom of choice to businesses to use the council service or a private waste management company. Charging the waste produced encourages businesses to generate less waste.

Local Authorities are allowed, by law, to recover reasonable costs for the collection and disposal of trade waste under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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Can the council collect business waste?

Yes. We have a dedicated commercial waste collection service for both general waste and recyclables. We offer a range of waste services to fit the needs of businesses in the East Riding which include:

  • Multiple container options
  • Recycling collections of paper, cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and glass
  • Flexible range of collection frequencies
  • Seasonal variation contracts
  • All inclusive VAT exempt prices
  • A choice of convenient payment options

Arranging a contract

To take advantage of our services you must take out a contract with the council. Collection frequencies and the size of bincan be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Please complete a quotation form online (opens in new window)outlining your potential requirements and we will contact you to arrange your contract.

If you need to discuss your requirements, please call us on (01482) 395580, Monday - Thursday 8.30am - 5pm, Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm.


Charges will depend on the size and frequency of your collections. A collection could cost you from as little as £2.26 all inclusive. The cost will be confirmed when we set up your contract.


There are a number of convenient payment options to help spread the cost, including direct debit, flexible payment plans to suit your budget or if you wish you can simply pay upfront by credit/debit card over the phone. The most suitable method of payment will be discussed when we set up your contract. Unfortunately, we are unable to take payment online or by cheque for this service.

Changing your contract

You may wish to change the size of your bins, or the frequency of collections. These changes may also alter the cost of the service. Please contact us to discuss your new requirements.

Email: business.waste@eastriding.gov.uk
Telephone: (01482) 395580

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What size bins can I have for my business waste collection?

General green waste bins are available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your business. Our bin sizes are:

  • 240 litre (holds approximately 3-4 full bin bags)
  • 360 litre (holds approximately 5-6 full bin bags)
  • 660 litre (holds approximately 10-11 full bin bags)
  • 1100 litre (holds approximately 18-19 full bin bags)
  • 1280 litre (holds approximately 20-21 full bin bags)

Recycling blue bins are available in the following sizes:

  • 240 litre (holds approximately 3-4 full bin bags)
  • 360 litre (holds approximately 5-6 full bin bags)
  • 660 litre (holds approximately 10-11 full bin bags)
  • 1100 litre (holds approximately 18-19 full bin bags)
  • 1280 litre (holds approximately 20-21 full bin bags)

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What can I recycle with a business waste collection?

We can collect cardboard, paper, (including magazines, leaflets, newspaper, white envelopes and directories), steel/aluminium cans as well as plastic bottles and glass using our blue bin recycling service.

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Can my business have a brown bin?

We do not currently offer this service to customers. We are continually looking to
improve our service and if anyone would like to register an interest in having brown
bins or caddies for commercial premises please can you forward your contact details
via email to:  business.waste@eastriding.gov.uk.

Please note: this is for gathering data only to gauge interest. 

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How often can my business waste be collected?

Our experts will work with you to assess the most suitable frequency depending on the volume and nature of the waste you produce. The council recognises that many local businesses have seasonal variations and can tailor contracts to suit. This will be discussed and agreed when you set up your contract with the council. Read more about setting up a contract.

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Can I take business waste to the tips?

No, the tips are not licenced to accept commercial waste and are only for the disposal of your own household waste.

Any waste which is not from a household is classed as commercial waste. As well as putting the sites licence at risk, the illegal deposition of commercial waste at the tips leaves the regions tax payers footing the bill for its disposal.

Read more about your responsibility as a business owner, with advice on how to legally dispose of your waste.

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Can you give me advice on reducing and reusing business waste?

Yes.  We have produced an interactive handbook which can help your business cut costs and be environmentally aware by dealing with your waste in a responsible way.

Business waste handbook (pdf 4.1mb opens in new window)
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