Clinical waste

What is clinical waste?

The council classes clinical waste as the following items:

  • Syringes
  • Colostomy waste
  • Dialysis waste
  • Soiled dressings

Please note: incontinence pads do not require a clinical waste collection and can be double bagged and placed in the green bin.

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How do I dispose of clinical waste?

For the items listed above, the council operates a free clinical waste collection service.

Please call us on (01482) 393939 to request this service, and we will deliver some waste sacks for you to use. You can also request more sacks through this number.

The clinical waste must be placed in the yellow clinical waste sacks which are provided free of charge to residents and collected weekly.

Sharps boxes for syringes and needles are not provided by the council, but can be obtained by contacting your GP. Sharps boxes are collected on an ad hoc basis when you have at least three sharps boxes that need emptying.

If you will not be having any more collections, a final one off collection can be arranged for one or two boxes.

All clinical waste must be left outside in a safe and discreet place, and sacks must be tied. When arranging a collection, customers will be informed of the collection day.

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How do I book a clinical waste collection?

You can book a clinical waste collection online (opens in new window).

Please refer to the question below to see which day we collect clinical waste from each area.

Please note: clinical waste must not be taken to the tips as it is classed as hazardous waste and must be incinerated.

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When will my clinical waste be collected?

Please  view the document below to see which day we collect clinical waste from each area:

Clinical waste collection map (pdf 329kb opens in new window)

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