Household waste recycling sites (tips) and mini recycling sites

A landfill site

A wide range of materials can be recycled at the household waste recycling sites and at the numerous mini recycling sites in the area.

Until some years ago they were often referred to as tips as previously some had been old landfills.

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A broken washing machine

Household waste recycling sites (tips)

Information about where your nearest site is, the opening hours, what you can take, using a van or trailer, using a borrowed or hired vehicle, going in company vehicles, taking business waste, disposing of chemicals, asbestos and oils and how to feedback.

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A women putting a bottle in a bottle bank

Mini recycling sites

Information on where mini recycling sites are, what they are, what you can recycle and how to report a full bank.


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Signing a permit

Permits for household waste recycling sites

Information about the types of vehicles that require a permit, why you need them, how to apply for one, how long they are valid for, can you have more that six and what if you change your address or vehicle.

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