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Food safety advice

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The food services team deals with a wide range of food safety and standards issues. Activities include conducting food hygiene inspections, dealing with complaints, investigating infectious diseases, food sampling, animal feedingstuffs and food labelling/composition issues. This section of the website is aimed at consumers. If you are a business then please visit our business pages.

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Complaints about food and businesses

Explains how to report dirty food premises or unsatisfactory food.

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Food poisoning

Information on what food poisoning is, what to do if you still have the food and where to find out more information about investigations.

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Private drinking water

Explains what a private and public drinking water supply is, who to notify if you have one, is the water sampled, how much does it cost, making it safe to drink and who to contact.

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Food hygiene rating scheme

Explains what the food hygiene taring scheme is, how to find a rating, how are they scored, are all businesses included, do businesses have to show their rating and where to find out more information. 

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Advice for consumers

This section provides further advice for consumers on food safety and food standards issues.

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