Pests and dogs

Cute Cairn Terrier dog on the beach

The council provides a range of pest control and dog warden services. To book or get advice on available pest control treatments, or to find out more information on the work of our dog wardens please select the relevant area below.

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Rat in a bin


Information about getting help with rats, wasps or other pests, types of pests we treat, how much it costs, how to book and pay, when can we attend, are there contracts for businesses and the type of insects you have.

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Cairn terrier dog


Information about how to report a barking dog, report dog fouling, lost or found a stray dog, seeing a loose dog, reporting a dangerous dog, taking unwanted dogs, micro-chipping for dogs, re-homing, laws on taking your dog off its lead, taking your dog on a beach, reporting a concern about the treatment of a pet and advice leaflets for dog owners.

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