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Housing monitoring

How is housing development monitored in the East Riding?

Housing development, and the land available for new housing, is monitored annually through the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). Some of the data used in the SHLAA also informs the Annual Monitoring Report.

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What is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)?

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, or SHLAA, is an extensive survey of existing and potential housing sites in the East Riding. It forms part of the evidence base for the Local Plan, particularly the Strategy Documentand the Allocations Document.

Please note: that the SHLAA does not allocate sites for development, nor does it create new policy.

Its purpose is to assess the potential supply of housing land to meet a 5 year supply of housing. It does this by considering how much housing is likely to come forward in the next 5 years and whether or not this is likely to be sufficient to meet the needs of the East Riding.

The SHLAA also provides a brief assessment of sites which could be delivered over the longer term. This assessment will inform the Allocations Document which will, in time, set out where we propose to allocate land for housing. The preparation of the Allocations Document will involve a more rigorous sustainability assessment of individual sites as well as consultation with the wider community.

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Which settlements and sites are included in the SHLAA?

The settlements selected for consideration in the SHLAA are identified in the Proposed Submission Local Plan Document as suitable locations for some form of housing development. The SHLAA also details large sites (5 or more dwellings) with planning permission in other settlements.

See pages 19-21 of the SHLAA report 2014 below.

The sites identified in the SHLAA have been assessed against a number of criteria to establish whether they are: suitable, available and achievable.

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Can I view the latest SHLAA online?

The latest SHLAA, showing the position at April 2014, is available to view below and sets out:

  • What the previous levels of housing development have been
  • What the future requirement for housing is
  • How the assessed sites were identified
  • How the sites were assessed
  • The existing supply of housing land
  • The future supply of housing


SHLAA Report 2014 (pdf 1.69mb opens in new window)

It sets out the position as at April 2014 and incorporates an assessment of those sites identified in the Proposed Submission Local Plan.

Appendix B – Settlement maps and site assessments

Appendix B provides details on all the sites assessed as part of the SHLAA report. These are set out in the table below: 

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Will the SHLAA be updated?

Yes. The SHLAA is updated annually. The next update will provide the housing and land supply position as of 1st April 2015.  

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