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Local Plans

What are Local Plans?

Local Plans set out the local planning policies that are used to manage new development and help determine planning applications. As well as allocating land for specific types of development, Local Plans also identify areas for protection and safeguarding.

Four Local Plans are currently in use in the East Riding, along with a Joint Waste Local Plan and a Joint Minerals Local Plan – these Joint Local Plans cover the Hull and East Riding area.

The six Local Plans are:

  • Beverley Borough Local Plan (adopted June 1996)
  • Boothferry Borough Local Plan (adopted April 1999)
  • East Yorkshire Borough Local Plan (adopted June 1997)
  • Holderness District Wide Local Plan (adopted April 1999)
  • Joint Waste Local Plan (adopted November 2004)
  • Joint Minerals Local Plan (adopted January 2004)

These plans can be viewed as paper copies or online.

As a result of changing national and regional planning policies, only certain policies within the Local Plans have been 'saved' (see below for more details about saved policies).

The 'saved' Local Plan policies will be replaced in due course by policies within the East Riding Local Plan.

In addition, please note that a number of policies from the East Yorkshire Borough Local Plan have been replaced by the Bridlington Town Centre Area Action Plan

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Which Local Plan covers my area?

In addition to the plans above, we have prepared an interactive version of the four Local Plan Proposals Maps. It enables you to zoom in and out to identify individual streets and sites and to link to any relevant policy designations.

Please note that this version includes some updated information (such removing housing allocations which have been developed) but largely represents the position at the time each local plan was adopted. Please use the online versions (next question below) to see the maps and policies as published. 

Please note: we are currently experiencing an intermittent fault with our mapping system, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Interactive Local Plan (external East Riding website) 

The interactive map does not necessarily show the latest position in relation to nature designations, flood zones, conservation areas and heritage designations (e.g. scheduled monuments, registered parks and gardens). For the latest information on these designations and areas, please contact the relevant organisation responsible. 

Nature designations - see MAGIC website (external website)

Flood zones - see Environment Agency website (external website)

Conservation areas - please see our conservation area page

Heritage designations - see English Heritage website (external website) Top of page

How can I view the Local Plans?

You can view the Local Plans in one of two ways:


All the Local Plans are available electronically below:

Beverley Borough Local Plan (external East Riding website)

Boothferry Borough Local Plan (external East Riding website)

East Yorkshire Borough Wide Local Plan (external East Riding website)

Holderness District Wide Local Plan (external East Riding website)

You can also view the Joint Minerals Local Plan and Joint Waste Local Plan online.

For Bridlington Town Centre, the adopted Area Action Plan will be used to help determine planning applications in this part of the East Riding.

Paper copies

Paper copies of the Local Plans are available to view in all customer service centres (finder map) and most libraries (finder map)

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What are the 'saved' policies?

A number of policies within the Local Plans have expired. Those that remain are called 'saved' policies. The requirement to do this was set out in the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004). The Government issued a Direction which lists those policies from the above Local Plans that are ‘saved’ beyond 27 September 2007. Any policies not listed in the Direction (the letters below) have now expired.

In addition, please note that a number of policies from the East Yorkshire Borough Local Plan have been replaced by the Bridlington Town Centre Area Action Plan

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What Supplementary Planning Guidance and Interim Approaches are currently used?

A number of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents and Interim Approaches have been developed to help provide further guidance on the application of Local Plan policies or to provide interim policies in the absence of Local Plan policies. For example, we have prepared an Interim Approach on Affordable Housing which sets out our current requirements for delivering affordable housing as part of larger developments or as ‘rural exception’ schemes. See also Development Briefs below.

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What are Development Briefs?

Development Briefs are also Supplementary Planning Guidance and provide further direction on how particular sites – allocated in the Local Plans – should be developed.

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What is the current approach to planning applications?

As well as considering the consultation responses we receive to individual  applications, the following sets out what policies and guidance we will consider (depending on the type of development proposed) in determining planning applications submitted now:


Implications of the NPPF for decision making in the East Riding (pdf 131kb opens in new window)

  • Emerging policies in the East Riding Local Plan in accordance with the approach set out in paragraph 216 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

For more information on what happens when a planning application is submitted, please visit our planning permissionsection. 

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How are the policies monitored?

We prepare a number of monitoring reports to check progress against the various planning policies. For example, the Annual Monitoring Report summarises a number of key indicators and provides commentary on the progress with the East Riding Local Plan (see below). In addition, a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (for housing) and an Employment Land Monitoring Report is prepared each year which monitors the amount of development and land available for future housing and economic provision.

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What policies will be used in the future?

In time, the Local Plans, supplementary planning guidance documents and interim approaches will be replaced by the East Riding Local Plan. The East Riding Local Plan comprises a number of different documents, and before each one can be adopted, they are subject to public consultation at various stages.

The East Riding Local Plan will include setting out new sites for development.

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