Infrastructure study

What is the Infrastructure Study?

The council has prepared an Infrastructure Study to support the production of the Local Plan, and in particular, the Strategy and Allocations Documents. The main purpose of the Study is to identify the various forms of infrastructure that are required to meet growth which may come forward over the period 2009/10 to 2026 (as set out in the Preferred Approach Core Strategy). 

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What types of infrastructure are considered?

Twenty-six discrete types of infrastructure were reviewed in detail for this Study and they include:

  • Flood defence and drainage - flood defence, surface water drainage

  • Utilities - water supply and distribution, gas supply and distribution, electricity, telecommunications, sewage and wastewater treatment

  • Health - NHS GP services, NHS dental services, pharmacy services, hospital services

  • Education - pre-school and early years, primary and secondary schools, further and higher education

  • Leisure and amenity - sports and leisure, public open space, library services, community recycling facilities (bring sites)

  • Older and young person's services - older person's accommodation, services for children and families

  • Emergency services

  • Transportation - highways, bus services, rail services

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Can I view a copy of the Infrastructure Study online?

Yes. An Infrastructure Study has been completed to support the Proposed Submission East Riding Local Plan (Jan 2014), and in particular the Strategy and Allocations Documents. The Study has been informed by the earlier Infrastructure Study (2011) and Update (2013).

Infrastructure Study - January 2014 (pdf 5.1mb opens in new window)

Please also see Appendix A and B of the 2013 updated Study which remain relevant.

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Yes. The Infrastructure Study was originally prepared in 2011 and subsequently updated in 2013. 

Infrastructure Study - October 2011 (pdf 8.57mb opens in new window)

There are also a number of appendices which supported the original Infrastructure Study in 2011. These are set out in the table at the bottom of the page.

Infrastructure Study Update 2013 (pdf 4mb opens in new window)

Infrastructure Study Update 2013 Appendix A (pdf 1.9mb opens in new window)

Infrastructure Study Update 2013 Appendix B (pdf 29.6mb opens in new window)

Infrastructure Study Update 2013 Appendix C (pdf 304kb opens in new window)

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