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Statement of community involvement

What is the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)?

The Statement of Community Involvement, or SCI, sets out the way the council will involve the local community, stakeholders and statutory bodies in the preparation and revision of the East Riding Local Plan. It identifies who will be involved, and when and how they will be involved.

The Statement of Community Involvement also describes the council’s procedures and arrangements for involving the community when considering planning applications and major proposals for development.

The council's first SCI was adopted in 2007. It was updated in 2013 because there have been a number of changes to the way that planning documents are prepared and the council has been able to consider feedback from public consultation exercises that have taken place. The council consulted the community and stakeholders on a Draft SCI in Autumn 2012. The current SCI was adopted on 9 January 2013.

Statement of Community Involvement (Adopted 2013 - Updated 2014) (pdf 932kb opens in new window)

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How do I get involved in planning decisions?

There are two main ways to get involved in planning decisions in your area. The first is through the preparation of the long term plan for the East Riding – the East Riding Local Plan. The second is by making comments on individual planning applications.

East Riding Local Plan

The East Riding Local Plan will provide local planning policies to guide investment and help determine planning applications. It will set out how much, and what type of development is appropriate for different areas (through the Strategy Document), and will identify particular sites for development or safeguarding (through the Allocations Document).

To be involved and informed of progress on the Local Plan, please register on our consultation website. This website is also where you can view the latest Local Plan documents and comment during periods of consultation. You can also see what others have written.

We would like as many people as possible to be involved in preparing the Local Plan. Each of the documents is subject to a number of consultation stages where you can help us to shape the next draft.

Local Plan Consultation website (external East Riding website)

See above for how we plan to involve people in the Local Plan through the Statement of Community Involvement. 

Please note: that all responses will be published on the council’s website, and will be open for viewing by members of the public.  You should, therefore, refrain from making any comments that could be considered as defamatory or prejudicial as this could result in action being taken against you.  The Council can take no responsibility for any comments made in planning responses, but we will investigate any potentially defamatory or prejudicial comments brought to our notice.  Comments that the Council consider to be defamatory or prejudicial will be removed, and will not be taken into account in the planning decision.

Planning Applications

Once we receive a formal planning application, we will display public notices and/or write to homes and businesses near the proposed site – inviting comments. You can view details of the proposal – including architectural drawings – at our Customer Service Centres and we will also provide details of the application on our Public Access website.

You can register to be notified of planning applications and make comments on applications you are interested in through the Public Access website:

Public Access website (external East Riding website)

For more information on the planning applications process please visit the Development Management page.

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Was there any consultation in preparing the SCI?

Yes. Both the 2007 and 2013 versions of the SCI were subject to consultation. The draft version of the 2017 SCI is available to view below.

Draft Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) 2017

Public consultation on a new Draft Statement of Community Involvement is taking place between 23rd January and 6th March 2017. A review of the SCI is necessary to consider the Council’s experiences in using the document throughout the preparation and examination of the East Riding Local Plan, which was adopted last year, as well as latest best practice and government changes to the planning system.

The Draft SCI and a response form are available below.

Draft Statement of Community Involvement 2017 (pdf 1.19mb opens in new window)

SCI Response Form (doc 54kb opens in new window)

SCI Response Form - Print Friendly (pdf 83kb opens in new window)

Responses can be emailed to or posted to Forward Planning, County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9BA.

The Council will consider all responses received before finalising the Statement of Community Involvement. 

If you would like to help advertise this consultation a poster is available for you to print and display.

SCI Consultation Poster January 2017 (pdf 512kb opens in new window)

The following shows how the 2007 SCI was taken through a number of consultation stages. 


Following Independent Examination in October/November 2006, an inspector produced a report identifying several minor changes to be made to the SCI. This report was binding on the council and the changes to the submission draft were made. Notice of the adoption of the final version of the Statement of Community Involvement was published on 29 March 2007.

Statement of Community Involvement (Adopted 2007) (pdf 928kb opens in new window)

Inspectors Report (pdf 417kb opens in new window)

Notice of adoption (pdf 60kb opens in new window)

Independent Examination

The consultation period for the submission draft SCI finished on 28th July 2006 after we had formally submitted it to the Government Office for Yorkshire and Humber on the 16th June 2006. We sent the responses received to this consultation, together with a statement summarising the results to the Planning Inspectorate.

The Statement of Community Involvement was then subject to an independent examination. The Planning Inspector Keith Holland considered the representations made to the submission draft Statement of Community Involvement.

Our 'Regulation 31 statement' to the Planning Inspectorate summarises details of the consultation, the responses received and our suggested amendments to the SCI as a result:

Regulation 31 Statement (pdf 388kb opens in new window)

Submission Draft

We consulted on the submission draft for six weeks from 16 June to 28 July 2006. The submission draft took into account the comments made to the previous consultation on the pre-submission draft.

Submission Draft Statement of Community Involvement (2006) (pdf 1.9mb opens in new window)

Report of consultation – Submission Draft Statement of Community Involvement (2006) (pdf 208kb opens in new window)

Pre-submission Draft

We consulted on the Pre-submission Draft between 28 November 2005 and 16 January 2006. A report of consultations has been produced which sets out the representations made. The report also details the council's response and actions taken in light of the comments made. The actions identified were incorporated into the Submission Draft.

Pre-submission Draft Statement of Community Involvement (2005) (pdf 855kb opens in new window)

Report of consultation – Pre-submission Draft Statement of Community Involvement (2005) (pdf 563kb opens in new window)


The first draft of the Statement of Community Involvement was published for a five-week consultation in August and September of 2005. The draft, together with the responses and officer comments is presented below:

Draft Statement of Community Involvement (2005) (pdf 1.1mb opens in new window)

Report of consultation - Draft Statement of Community Involvement (2005) (pdf 518kb opens in new window)

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