Large local developments

Where can I find details on large schemes and developments happening locally?

Details on some of the larger schemes that the council is currently involved in are set out below:

Bridlington Town Centre Scheme

The Bridlington Integrated Transport Plan (BITP) phase 2 is the collective name for a package of measures to improve the transport network in Bridlington. The BITP phase 2 aims to make it easier for drivers to travel around the town by straightening and widening some local roads and improving the current car parking arrangements. The scheme also includes a new railway station plaza and improved local footpaths and cycle links.

It is estimated that the BITP phase 2 scheme will cost around £10 million. The majority of the scheme will be paid for using Major Transport Scheme funding which is administered by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership. The council will also make a contribution.

A business case is currently being prepared for the scheme. It is anticipated that works will start on site in early 2016 and will be finished in 2017/18.

Further information

The scheme will help to support the proposed Burlington Parade development as set out in the Bridlington Town Centre Area Action Plan.

Wolfreton School Consolidation

Wolfreton School is one of four East Riding secondary schools in the Government's Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP). The PSBP involves the replacement or substantial refurbishment of 261 schools across the country considered to be in the worst condition with the highest need for urgent repairs.

The proposal for Wolfreton is to consolidate the whole school on to the Lower School site on Carr Lane. The new school will have capacity for 1,675 pupils. The design and layout of the new buildings and the access arrangements for the new site will be developed over the coming months. 

A contractor for the work at Wolfreton School will be appointed in summer 2014 and it is intended to start building work on site in February 2015. The project is scheduled to be completed by summer 2016 in time for the start of the academic year 2016/17.

All of the PSBP schemes are managed by the Education Funding Agency, and the governing body of Wolfreton School and the council are both supportive of the proposal. The other schools in the East Riding included in the PSBP are Withernsea High School, Hessle High School and Goole High School. 

Further information

View the proposals for Wolfreton School:

Wolfreton School (external website)

Flood schemes

View information about ongoing flood alleviation schemes in the area.

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What is a major planning application?

Some of the schemes set out above required planning permission before construction could begin. In these cases, the developer or scheme promoter must submit a major planning application to the council. 

Major planning applications are those which could have a significant impact on the local area. A major application might include a proposal for a large new housing, retail, employment or leisure based development, or could be based on renewable energy schemes, new civil infrastructure such as flood defences, hazardous substance storage proposals or minerals and waste development.

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Which areas of the East Riding have been set aside for future development?

Many large local developments are identified in the first instance through Local Plans before planning applications are submitted. The East Riding Local Plan contains policies to determine planning applications and identifies specific sites for future development. Such sites could be for housing, retail or commercial development and because they are identified in the Local Plan, their development is supported in principle. However, a planning application would still be required before any development could take place. 

Development south of Beverley

Land to the south of Beverley has been allocated for potential future development in the council's emerging Local Plan. Potential future developments are likely to include new housing and employment, an extension to Keldmarsh Primary School, new areas of open space and a park and ride facility next to the southern relief road. 

Further information on the proposed development is available on the Supplementary Planning Documents page

Further information

To see what is currently being proposed, please see the East Riding Local Plan page. 

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