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Posting comments on planning applications

This site is designed to set out the views expressed by organisations and individuals in response to planning applications. Comments made in response to applications should address the planning merits of the application.

Please note: Responses will be published on the council’s website, and will be open for viewing by members of the public.

The council only redacts comments from individual members of the public to remove personal data in respect of email addresses, telephone numbers and signatures if you submit comments by letter or email . If you use Public Access to submit your comments these details are withheld from publishing.

The council will not post comments submitted anonymously or those which it considers to contain libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive remarks. The council reserves the right not to post comments in the event that by reason of the volume of comments submitted, it is not possible to check submissions for inappropriate content. The council dissociates itself from any comments made of a libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive nature.

Any correspondence received which the council considers contains libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive comments will not be taken into account in assessing planning or related applications.

Please also note that when composing comments on an application there is, for security reasons, a 1 hour time limit on your session. If you are composing a lengthy comment that is likely to take you longer than 1 hour, please be advised to prepare your comment(s) beforehand and then copy and paste them into the online form.

Further assistance in relation to making a comment on a planning application can be found on the website.


Please read the following terms of use before accessing the Public Access website.  By entering the Public Access website you agree to these terms.

Planning Public Access Terms of Use

Please read the following and tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions. You will then be taken to the Public Access site.

To view this website you must have JavaScript enabled and be able to accept cookies from this website. Without JavaScript or cookies enabled certain areas of this website will not function correctly. Public Access is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 5.5 and upwards.

Certain parts of the site may not function correctly in other browsers.

The submission of comments

The submission of comments for a planning application will need to be done using the website. In order to do this you will first need to register and create an account on the new Planning Public Access website.

Online Feedback

If you have encountered problems with the planning website such as missing documents or broken links - please let us know by using the online feedback form

The Planning Public Access website allows you to:

  • register and monitor the progress of planning applications

  • submit comments about an application

  • search a constantly updated list of applications validated and decided each week

  • view details of planning appeals, planning applications and enforcements

  • view property details by reference to a map

  • view associated documents. These include plans, application forms and decision documents.

The planning application details contained within this site are updated on a continuous basis.

Important – Copyright Notice

Planning application information submitted to the Council is protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act).

You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans.

Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner. If you link to ”Public Access” you have acknowledged that you have read, understood and agree to the copyright and other limitations.


The service continues to be developed, but at the present time no constraint information and only some associated documents, plans and decision notices are available online. The online planning history contained within the site at present is incomplete and should not be relied upon in connection with a property transaction.

Anyone wishing to obtain planning information for this purpose are advised to carry out a local land charges search through the council's Land Charges Section or the National Land Information Service (NLIS) using one of the licensed channels.

No responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions in the planning history information obtained from "Public Access".

Similarly, the information contained with "Public Access" does not constitute in any way a formal notification of a planning decision, and as such any actions taken as a result of information displayed on the site are undertaken entirely at the viewer’s own risk.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council reserve the right to remove or not display certain planning application information for confidentiality or other reasons.

Ordnance Survey Public Service Mapping Agreement (PSMA)

PSMA mapping included within this website is provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council under licence from the Ordnance Survey. ©Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey 100023383.

Use of mapping data is subject to the following Ordnance Survey terms and conditions:
i)  You are granted a non-exclusive, royalty free, revocable licence solely to view the Licensed Data for non-commercial purposes for the period during which East Riding of Yorkshire Council makes it available;
ii)  You are not permitted to copy, sub-license, distribute, sell or otherwise make available the Licensed Data to third parties in any form; and
iii)  Third party rights to enforce the terms of this licence shall be reserved to Ordnance Survey.

Persons viewing this mapping should contact Ordnance Survey for advice where they wish to licence Ordnance Survey mapping/map data for their own use.
For more information on PSMA licensing please visit the Ordnance Survey PSMA licencing page.

Ordnance Survey OpenData™

The Council also uses maps provided under the Ordnance Survey OpenData™ licence. For more information on the mapping datasets covered by the OS OpenData™ licence, and their usage restrictions, please visit OS OpenData™ page.

The Planning Public Access website allows you to:

  • register and monitor the progress of planning applications
  • submit comments about an application
  • search a constantly updated list of applications
  • view details of planning appeals, planning applications and enforcements
  • view Associated Documents. These include plans, application forms and decision documents.

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