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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Document file size and format guidance

A guide to submitting electronic files with online planning applications

Please use the Planning Portal to submit your planning application online. It's much easier to apply online as:

  • it is a quick and user-friendly system
  • it helps you choose the correct form
  • it provides step-by-step help and advice
  • you can save your work and take a break
  • you can attach plans and drawings
  • it can save time and money
  • the application is sent to the council immediately

Make a planning application online – Planning Portal (external website)

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File Formats

Plans and drawings

  • All plans should be in Adobe PDF file format
  • We are unable to accept CAD files or dwg files - you are able to export any CAD drawing into a PDF format from within the software or you can use any PDF conversion software readily available online
  • Documents should default to their intended size when printing - the size and scale should be indicated (i.e. 1:100 @ A1) and a scale bar present
  • Please make sure all documents are correctly orientated for on-screen display

Please Note: Plans and drawings are checked when we receive your application and if they have not been created correctly or we are unable to print them to scale, they may be returned to you causing delays with your application.

Other documentation

Photographs and other illustrations that do not need to be reproduced to scale can be submitted as any of the following file types:

  • jpg
  • tif
  • bmp
  • gif or
  • images in a Word doc (Word 2003) or docx (Word 2007/2010/2013)

Printed reports and other text based documents can be submitted as either:

  • pdf or
  • Word documents (doc or docx) or
  • as text files (txt)

Please do not submit exe files or zip files. We cannot accept these as they may mask a virus and will be blocked by firewalls.

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File sizes


  • Individual files should not exceed 5MB to make sure that download times are reasonable
  • Please keep the file sizes as small as possible
  • Large documents should be split into smaller files and labelled Part 1, Part 2 etc.
  • Consider the resolution you use – 200dpi is normally adequate for black and white drawings
  • All documents should be a standard metric size, e.g. A4, A3, A2 etc. For the benefit of parish councils and the public, A3 or A4 would be the preferred sizes for ease of viewing and download
  • Please note that people attempting to open A0-sized documents on mobile devices including tablets have reported having difficulty so we recommend where possible to use a desktop or laptop computer.

Submission by CD ROM

  • CDs may be submitted where there are a large number of associated documents
  • Please clearly label your CD with the site address and if possible please include an index
  • If you already have an application reference or online submission reference, it is vital that this information is also included
  • It will also be of use to label each drawing with a drawing number for ease of reference
  • After being marked with the above information, the CD can be sent to Planning and Development Management, Room AG19, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA

Online Submission

  • The combined size of files for a single application should not exceed 50MB
  • For applications exceeding these limits, we suggest you complete the application form online and submit drawings and other information to the council on CD or use PDF compression
  • Please keep to the 5MB individual file size

Please Note: Whilst we are happy to receive applications on CD, there may be occasions when we ask for paper copies/multiple CDs, to enable us to quickly and effectively consult our statutory consultees.

Colour/Document Format

  • Only use colour where necessary
  • Blocks of colour or texture can appear as black or details picked out in colour may be lost 
  • Please ensure a high-contrast image is created otherwise the drawing often looks poor when scanned
  • Some colour combinations that look effective on screen do not necessarily work well on a printed copy such as yellow on white
  • Avoid the use of colour to show contrast - use hatched lines rather than grey shading
  • Details of what colour to use for marking site boundaries on locations plans etc. can be found on our plan guidance webpage
  • Please make sure all documents are correctly orientated for on screen display

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General documents


The following details should be provided on all correspondence: 

  • Application/reference number, if known
  • Site address
  • Applicants/Agents name
  • Proposal


  • All documents should be free from signatures, private telephone numbers etc.
  • All documents should be clearly labelled and include version/issue/drawing numbers
  • Drawings should be stored as separate clearly labelled files wherever possible
  • The council only redacts comments to remove personal data in respect of email addresses, telephone numbers and signatures if you submit comments by email
  • If you use Public Access to submit your comments these details are currently withheld from publishing

View planning applications on 'Public Access'

  • The council will not post comments submitted anonymously or those which it considers to contain libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive remarks
  • The council reserves the right not to post comments in the event that by reason of the volume of comments submitted, it is not possible to check submissions for inappropriate content
  • The council dissociates itself from any comments made of a libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive nature
  • Any correspondence received which the council considers contains libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive comments will not be taken into account in assessing planning or related applications

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Further useful guidance

Please consult:

If you have any queries regarding the content of this guide or submitting planning applications in general, you can contact the Planning and Development Control team by:

Email: beverley.dc@eastriding.gov.uk

Post: Planning and Development Control team, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA

Guidance revised 02.12.14

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