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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

'Full' planning application checklist

Please note: The following validation checklists for planning applications have been amended from July 2013

All the information you need to submit as part of your planning application is detailed below:

Planning Application Requirements and Validation Checklist 1 (pdf 391kb opens in new window)

To assist in assessing whether you have supplied the required information, please use the checklist below which can be submitted with your application:

Planning Application Checklist 2 – Information for Applicants (pdf 106kb opens in  new window)

Design and access Statements

Certain types of application need to be accompanied by a design and access statement. 

The following pdf document determines which applications require a statement and advises on what information it should include:

Design and access statement - (pdf 41kb opens in new window)

Ordnance Survey Maps

All planning applications need to have site plans which are edged in red to identify the extent of the planning application site. A site plan must be on an Ordnance Survey base map.

Ordnance survey maps can be accessed from the Planning Portal website: 

Buy plans from the Planning Portal website (external website)