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View and comment on planning applications

You can view and comment on planning applications through the Public Access system

View planning applications on Public Access

How can I view and comment on planning applications?

If you want access to all the planning applications submitted to the council, you should use the Public Access website below.

Alternatively, you can read a brief overview of current large scale developments, and take a look at recent large-scale planning applications in the area.

About Public Access

The council’s Public Access website for planning is an online service that allows you to view details of planning applications currently being considered by the council as well as some planning history. You can access this website at home or in any of our libraries (you will need to accept a disclaimer before you enter the website):

View planning applications on Public Access

Public Access allows you to:

  • search for and then track the progress of current planning applications;
  • submit comments about current applications;
  • view documents relating to planning applications (this currently includes plans, application forms, consultation responses, decision notices and for decisions taken after 15th October 2012, officer reports);
  • view property details on a map;
  • view details of some historic planning applications;
  • view details of some planning appeals.

Read about the full benefits of Public Access and how to make the most of the website:

Learn how to use Public Access

Using Public Access

  • Visit the Public Access website using the link below (you will need to accept a disclaimer before you enter):
  • View planning applications on Public Access 
  • Type your required application number into the search box and click the search button.
  • If you don't have an application number, you can search by other criteria including by address, weekly/monthly listings or by map.


Using Public Access at a library

Facilities are available for you to view current planning applications on the Public Access website at any of the council's libraries. Find your nearest library.You can also print copies at a charge. View library charges.

For ease of search you will need either the planning application reference number, postcode or single line of an address to view the application. A member of the library staff will be able to assist you if required. You can also register your details on this website in order to submit comments against any pending planning applications.

Please note: the planning application details displayed within Public Access are updated on a continual basis and they will, therefore, change over time. In order to keep up to date with applications you are interested in, please use the tracking facility which is detailed in the above guidance.

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How can I comment or object to an application?

You can comment or object to a planning application by registering your comments online via the council's Public Access website under the 'Make a comment' button. You can access this website at home or in any of our  libraries:

View planning applications on Public Access

Anyone can object, support or comment on a current planning application. The council is keen to give people who may be affected by a proposed development the opportunity to express their views. 

It recognises that neighbours who live in the vicinity of an application site may be aware of local conditions and problems that they may wish to highlight in the council’s consideration of the application. It is important to appreciate, however, that the council can only take into account matters which are relevant to the planning process.

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How can a town or parish council comment on or object to an application?

From July 2015, all town and parish councils will be able to comment on planning applications using the Consultee Access system. 

Further guidance on Consultee Access can be found on the Consultee Access guidance page.

Full details of the process of how parish and town councils can comment or object can be found on the Planning for town and parish council page. Further related planning content relevant to town and parish councils can also be found on this page.

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Will my details be made public when I comment on an application?

Responses will be published on the council’s website, and will be open for viewing by members of the public.

The council only redacts comments from individual members of the public to remove personal data in respect of email addresses, telephone numbers and signatures if you submit comments by letter or email. If you use Public Access to submit your comments these details are withheld from publishing.

The council will not post comments submitted anonymously or those which it considers to contain libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive remarks. The council reserves the right not to post comments in the event that by reason of the volume of comments submitted, it is not possible to check submissions for inappropriate content. The council dissociates itself from any comments made of a libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive nature.

Any correspondence received which the council considers contains libellous, discriminatory or otherwise offensive comments will not be taken into account in assessing planning or related applications.

Please note: You can get more guidance below about how to comment.

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How does the commenting process work?

The document below provides details on how you can let the council know your views:

Guidance note on commenting on planning applications (pdf 60kb opens in new window)

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What are material considerations and what comments are considered relevant by the planning process?

The document below gives guidance about 'material considerations' in the planning consideration process:

What are material considerations - an explanatory note (pdf 48kb opens in new window)

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How do I use Public Access?

We have created some guidance to help you get the most out of Public Access, including:

  • How to register and login
  • How to search, track and comment on applications
  • How to get notifications and updates to applications
  • How to use the map
  • And much more...


Follow the link below:

Learn how to use Public Access 

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What is Consultee Access?

Consultee Access allows regular Consultees and Statutory Consultees the ability to keep track of all of their consultations (current and previous) in one location. It also allows the Consultee to track comments made by other Consultees and facilitates instant submission of comments. Further guidance on Consultee Access can be found on the Consultee Access guidance page.

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Can I view planning application committee reports online?

Reports to the Planning Committee, the Eastern Area Planning Sub-Committeeand the Western Area Planning Sub-Committeecan be viewed online.

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Where can I view planning application files for applications which have had a decision?

Planning applications can be viewed online for most applications which have been decided after 2000 through the council's Public Access system:

View planning applications on Public Access

Once you have logged into the site use any of the search features (details can be found in the link below):

Learn how to use Public Access 

Choose the type of search required and enter the required information into the search box. A copy of the notice of decision can be printed or downloaded free of charge from your own computer.

For applications which are not accessible via Public Access, an appointment can be made to view them at the Beverley customer service centre in Cross Street, Beverley. Contact the planning and development management section on (01482) 393647 to make the necessary arrangements. A charge of 10p per A4 black and white copy of any document will be charged by the customer service centre. If you wish to have a copy of the notice of decision sent to you directly this can be obtained for a cost of £7.29 per notice of decision.

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