Roads, streets, traffic and parking

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Looking after the roads and footpaths and in the East Riding; caring for your village; removing untaxed and abandoned vehicles and keeping you safe in winter.

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Find local car parks, charges, CCTV, controlled parking zones permits, parking fines, applying for a Blue Badge (disabled parking permit), civil parking enforcement and Bridlington park and ride.

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Roads, pavements and traffic

Information about maintenance of roads and footpaths, drainage and flooding, roadworks, traffic signals, traffic regulations, street lighting, hazards on the highway, signs, lines and advertising and lists of streets maintained by us.

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Council street cleaner

Street cleaning

Information about street sweeping, reporting dead animals found in the street and the provision/emptying of litter and dog waste bins.

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An abandoned un-taxed car

Abandoned and untaxed vehicles

Information about removing un-taxed vehicles, abandoned vehicle removal, your vehicle has been removed, re-claiming a vehicle, check a vehicle's taxation status and disposal of an un-wanted vehicle.

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Council worker cutting village green grass

Village task force

Information about what the village taskforce is, type of work they carry out, parishes they visit, how often do they visit, how many teams, identifying work, frequency of walkabouts and adopting the pilot.

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An East Riding of Yorkshire council Road Gritter

Winter services

Information about winter weather, road and footpath salting, snow clearing, salt bins and heaps and winter technology.

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Finding property addresses

Information about finding out about your correct address and postcode, correct or change your address, difference in address held by us and royal mail, utility company can not find your address, what the local land and property gazetteer is and what the national land and property gazetteer is.

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Abnormal loads

Abnormal loads

Contact information for Abnormal Load movements within the East Riding.

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Information about the repair and maintenance of Highway Bridges, Culverts and Retaining Walls within the East Riding.

Highway charges?

Highway charges -Skip in the street
Read a list of highway charges for 2014/15

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