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What bridges do the council maintain?

The council is responsible for 1590 bridges (not including bridges on public rights of way). These include large masonry arches and small concrete pipe structures.

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How often are these structures inspected?

Each bridge is inspected every 27 months. We therefore value calls from the public to tell us when our bridges need repair or have been damaged and it is important that as much detail as possible as to the bridge location is provided.

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Do the council maintain private bridges?

The council has no responsibility for maintaining private bridges. However, where these bridges carry a public highway, they are inspected and defects reported to the owner. These may be bridges that owners wish to remain private, or more recently constructed bridges to serve developments. In the latter case, the developer may apply for the bridge to be adopted by the council, at which time we acquire the responsibility. Until that time, the developer is responsible.  

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What has the council done about vehicles getting larger?

The authority has undertaken a programme of bridge strengthening in order to accommodate the 40 tonne vehicles which were introduced onto the road network in January 1999. Where strengthening has not been possible, the authority has identified the various actions required, following national guidance issued for the management of sub-standard bridges. These include interim measures, such as weight restrictions and traffic management.

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What happens if a bridge cannot be used due to repair work?

If a bridge cannot used due to repair work, accident damage or flooding, then an alternative route will be advertised and roadside directions given.

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How quick of a response can I expect?

The speed of response is dependent upon the perceived seriousness of the defect, and has to be the subject of judgement. We make every effort to inspect the site within 24 hours and then determine the action required.

The time to repair the damage will depend on the scale, and the cause. Where it cannot be repaired straight away, it will be made safe until the repair can be carried out. We aim to address urgent defects within 24 hours, serious defects within 7 days and the less serious defects within 28 days. Subject to consent being granted from statutory authorities where appropriate.

The repair of the defect will be programmed into other works in the area, and may take several weeks to be carried out.

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Can I make an insurance claim?

Yes, a claim can be made but the decision on liability will be left to the council's loss adjusters. Please submit a written claim to the Principal Engineer at the main County Hall address and a form will be sent to you detailing the information required to ensure a speedy determination on the claim. The details will then be passed to the loss adjusters, who will process it from there.

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Who is responsible for the maintenance of road surfaces on bridges?

When a road surface on a bridge deteriorates, it is referred to the highways engineers as opposed to the bridge engineers, who will initiate repairs. The bridges team are responsible for the underside or beneath the road surface down and the actual structure of the bridge. 

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What are the changes to the operating procedure of the Boothferry Bridge?

Although the proposed operating procedure will involve a booking system for out of hours operation the bridge will remain available for 24 hour operation.

Standard Hours

Two hours either side of High Tide (ABP Tide Tables, Goole Dock) within the following core working hours.

  • 6am to 10pm - Monday to Friday
  • 8am to 8pm - Saturday to Sunday

The bridge will be manned daily between these times and will be available for swinging (except Christmas Day) free of charge.  Booking bridge swings within standard hours is not required.

Out of Hours

The bridge will be unmanned outside the standard hours shown above; however bridge swings will be available by pre-booking (including Christmas Day).

All bookings can be made via the online booking system. Bookings should be made at least 24 hours before the bridge swing is required.

Book an out of hours bridge opening online (opens in new window)

Out of hours bookings are charged at £100.  Cancellations will incur the full charge if notified less than 12 hours before the booked bridge swing.

For more information please call

Mike Metzler – (01482) 395683

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Who should I contact?

Main contact: Mike Ball (Principal Engineer)

Telephone: (01482) 395650


Alternative contact: Phil Smith (Senior Engineer)

Telephone: (01482) 395862


Other contact: Kirk Lister (Engineer)

Telephone: (01482) 395676

Fax: (01482) 395057

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