CPZ permits and how they work

Explains what CPZ parking permits are, who qualifies to use them, how much permits cost,  how often they need to be renewed, how many you can apply for, where and when you can park with a permit, where to display a permit, returning disused permits and steps the council takes to prevent misuse of permits. 

What are CPZ parking permits?

A CPZ parking permit allows authorised drivers to park vehicles in restricted, marked areas in certain traffic-congested towns in the East Riding. Take a look at the CPZ locations.

Only certain people are allowed a permit which they have to pay for and display on their vehicle:

Who is allowed a CPZ permit?


Residents currently living in a CPZ and who meet all of the following criteria can obtain a parking permit for a period of one year at a time:

  • you spend at least four nights a week at your home* in a CPZ;
  • the V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate (log book) shows your name and address in the CPZ area or your company name or the name of a hire company;
  • your vehicle is a car, van or motorcycle.

* Your 'home' does not include a bed or makeshift bedroom in the back of an office or shop. A home is defined as a unique address where a group or family live together. Each separately addressed flat in the same building would be classed as a home and qualify for individual permits.

 You will not qualify for a resident parking permit if any of the following apply:

  • you own a property in the CPZ  but live elsewhere;
  • you work in the CPZ  but live elsewhere;
  • you are a tourist;
  • you are a member of staff or a guest in a hotel;
  • you are domestic staff but live outside the CPZ;
  • you want to supervise builders in a property you plan to move in to;
  • the vehicle is not registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) at an address within the CPZ;
  • you borrow or share a vehicle. 


Find out how you can  apply for/renew a resident's parking permit and  how much a resident's parking permits costs.


There are parking permits available to individual carers and agency or group service provider carers. If you receive care and you live within a CPZ you can also obtain a parking permit to hand to your carers as and when they arrive at your property to administer care. 

Find out how to  apply for a carer's permit and how much a carer's permit costs. 


The council provides scratch card-style parking permits for visitors within CPZs. These are issued in books of 10 scratch cards and each household is entitled to five books a year. 

The visitor is requested to mark the card with the start day, month and year of parking together with the registration number of the vehicle and the address that they are visiting. They should then clearly display the parking permit in the windscreen at the passenger's side of the vehicle. 

Each scratch card can be used for 7 days. 

Find out how to  buy scratch cards and how much a visitor scratch card costs. 


Permits are available when it is essential that contractors’ vehicles are parked close by, to allow access to heavy tools and other bulky equipment throughout the day whilst working at properties or businesses within the CPZ. 

Find out how to  apply for a contractor's permit and how much a contractor's permit costs. 

Blue badge holders

Disabled badge holders do not require a permit and can park in any part of a CPZ for any length of time, on any part of the street as long as you follow the general parking rules for blue badge holders. 

Foreign plate vehicles 

If you have a vehicle that is registered abroad you may apply for a 3 month temporary permit, however, in order to apply for a full resident parking permit, your vehicle must be registered in the UK.

Please use the application form below to apply for a 3 month temporary permit: 

Foreign plate temporary parking permit (pdf 82kb opens in new window) 


If you own a motorbike or moped you will require a residents parking permit.

Read about displaying your motorcycle permit.

How often do I need to renew my parking permit?

It depends on which type of permit you have:  

Permit type
Permit length
Resident's CPZ*
Contractor's CPZ permit
Either daily, weekly, monthly or annually
Carer's CPZ permit
Visitor's CPZ scratch card
Each scratch card lasts one week
Permit renewal periods




* A reminder letter will be sent to all residents one month before your parking permit is due to expire.


Read about renewing your permit and permit costs.

How many CPZ permits can I apply for?

Residents living in a CPZ can apply for two permits per household. In addition, each permit can have an additional vehicle added to it.

However, this permit can only be used by one car at a time and must be switched between vehicles parking in the CPZ.

Where and when can I park with a CPZ permit?

A resident parking permit is only valid within the town where you live which will be displayed on your permit. If you have a valid CPZ resident parking permit, you can park in any area of the CPZ (except in Bridlington where you must park in either Zone A or Zone B as indicated on your permit) displaying "Except Resident Permit Holders" signs. 

You must ensure you:

  • don't 'reserve' a specific parking place for your own vehicle near your house;
  • park your vehicle so that the wheels are within the parking bay (marked by white dashed lines);
  • don't park a trailer or caravan in a resident parking bay. Anything other than a vehicle is not allowed to be parked on the street.

Please note: having a parking permit does not guarantee that you will have a parking space.

Where do I display my CPZ permit?

You must secure your permit on the passenger side of the vehicle’s windscreen so that all the details are clearly visible. You are responsible for making sure that the permit can be seen clearly at all times.

Motorcycle permits must be kept in a safe place (inside your home, not on the motorcycle itself) but have it available to produce on the request of a Civil Enforcement Officer.

Please note: If it is not clearly displayed, you may receive a penalty charge notice.

What happens if I no longer need, or qualify for, my CPZ permit?

If you no longer need your permit (eg you no longer have a vehicle), or are no longer eligible for a permit (eg you move house), you must return it to us at the Permits Office. If you do not return the permit, you will be breaking the rules of the Resident Parking Permit Scheme and committing an offence.


Refunds will not be given under any circumstances.

How do you stop people misusing CPZ permits?

Fake/copied parking permits can be identified easily due to their lack of a design detail such as the hologram on a valid permit. Certain evidence must be provided to obtain a parking permit.

Details of the evidence requirements can be obtained through the relevant parking permit’s guidance notes.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 June 2018