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Roads, pavements and traffic

Cars on dual carriageway

The council is responsible for the general maintenance of all publicly maintainable roads and footpaths. In this section you will find information on individual aspects such as signs, lines, drainage, traffic signals and street lighting.

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Wacker plate repairing a road

Maintenance of roads and pavements

Information about how the council inspect roads and pavements, vehicular access, providing dropped kerbs, repairing private roads, broken or raised paving slabs, reporting potholes, damaged street furniture, bus shelters and clearing ditches.

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Road resurfacing

Resurfacing of roads

Explains what surface dressing is, why resurfacing work is carried out, how long it takes, when it is done, who carries the work out and what roads are currently scheduled for resurfacing and when.

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Flooded residential street

Drainage and flooding

Information about how the council can help in a flood emergency, help available when your property starts to flood, blocked gullies, sewage and information on potential flooding.

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Men at work road sign


Information about why roads are closed during roadworks, digging a hole, someone else digging up the road, roadwork locations, highway charges, applying for a skip or scaffold licence and travel and weather information.

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Street light at night

Street lighting

How to report a problem street light, bowl (light cover), column (lamp-post) and what to do if there is danger to the public. Also how to request relocation of a street light and why/where street lights are being replaced.

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Green traffic light

Traffic signals

Reporting a broken traffic signal.

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Dual carriageway

Traffic regulations

Information about organising a change in speed limits, new pedestrian crossings, traffic calming measures and weight limits.

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Camera monitoring dual carriageway

Hazards on the highway

Information about who is responsible for clearing up debris, leaking chemical containers or oil tanks, spillages on roads, highway obstructions, mud on the road, property overhanging the highway, skip or scaffold and reporting nuisance vehicles.

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Triangular traffic sign

Signs, lines and advertising

Information about getting a tourism sign, new road sign, keep clear markings, advertising signs on the highway, inspecting white and yellow lines, erecting advertising signs and no centre or give way lines.

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Tree lined road

List of streets maintained by the council

Information about what a street is, what the list of streets is, viewing the list, what does the list show and not show and what determines which roads get repaired.

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A and B road signs

Classification of roads

Information about the classification of roads in the East Riding, how they are classified (e.g. A roads, B roads etc.) and who is responsible for this. 

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Report a streetlight problem

Street light at night
You can report a faulty or damaged street light or lamp post using the online form:
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